Why Whole 30?

not-so-crunchy-mom-inner-transformations-using-essential-oils.jpg When we began using Essential Oils we started to just “fix” things…runny nose, sore throat, anxiety…etc.  But, after getting serious and really learning about the way our body works I was inspired to make some changes in our family health.  I learned from the Inner Transformations book, that it was SO important for us to cleanse our body of all the yucky that we had been consuming.  Dr. Deardeuff shares her knowledge that we are suppose to cleanse our colon first…because that is where everything leaves our body:)  If it is all full of yucky stuff, it doesn’t allow us to get all the nutrients from the good things that we are eating (PLUS all the great oils we are applying) and it also has trouble getting all the bad stuff out. (a little gross I know)

Cleansing Trio As you know, we haven’t made the best choices in our eating and I really wanted to do the Cleansing Trio Kit aka the colon cleanse to give us a fresh start!  Although, I was concerned that if our diet didn’t change that the cleanse wouldn’t be as effective.  (Please note:  the cleanse will help no matter what you are eating, but I am a little extreme and thought…if we are gonna do it, let’s do it all the way)  So, again I felt like I didn’t know enough to get started because what is “eating healthy”…I have been on SO many programs to lose weight that I kind of felt like I didn’t know what the best way to eat was.  I asked my pretty “crunchy” friend Ashley (who loves me in my journey to “not so crunchy” and answers ALL my questions).  She suggested the Whole 30 plan and the book It Starts with Food.  It took me over a month to get started reading it, but finally I did and let me just say…it is a GREAT book!  It gives someone like me information about what foods make you healthier and which make you less healthy…and most of all the WHY’s behind it.  I love it!

not-so-crunchy-mom-it-starts-with-food.jpg So me being the extremist and really not wanting to have to do the colon cleanse TWICE…we decided to do the program in our house.  After quite a bit of time planning and prepping I created a plan for me and my hubby to begin this week.  We decided to incorporate some of the things with the kiddos, but not change all the snacks and stuff until we get it down our selves.  I am excited to rid my body of all the yucky foods and DRINKS (mainly coca cola) that I have consumed and most of all to see how it affects the way that we feel…and HOPEFULLY the bonus will be that some of this extra weight will begin to leave as well!

I plan on sharing our journey with meals and tips…I hope that you will join us!  I have a feeling that if the first 30 days go great…we will probably be on this journey for quite a few rounds of “30 days”!

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