You have been patient…and SO have we!  I can’t really even believe that our first 30 days are over…and that I stuck to ALL the rules INCLUDING not weighing myself THE ENTIRE TIME!!!  You see, I have done SO many diets and always weigh myself (maybe multiple times a day)…but I really loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the emotions of weighing myself and being happy OR sad because I hadn’t lost from the day before.  My hubby was a BIG help with this because we basically weighed ourselves and then he took the scale and originally I thought he threw it away (because we need a new one)…but later I found out that he hid it in the garage somewhere 🙂

Well…the results are in…Christie (NSCM) results after the first Whole 30:


Weight Loss:  19.5 LBS                                 Inches Lost:  11 3/4 INCHES

I wish I was brave to put my before beginning weight and after weight…but I am not quite there yet 🙂 (baby steps)  Really it is crazy that I am putting up these pics of myself…specifically the “Before” pic…which I guess I was going for that really sad, yucky look…I don’t know why I didn’t smile or pick a better outfit!!  And when I put them next to each other I told my hubby that I couldn’t really tell that big of difference…but, he pointed out the small changes that are starting to show up!  I can’t wait to see more results as the next 30, 60, 90….days go by 🙂

I really tried not to get my expectations too high on how much weight I would lose…and I was really pleasantly surprised!  I don’t think I have ever lost almost 20 lbs in a month in my whole life:)  And the best part…we didn’t use any “fake” foods, pills, drinks, shakes, whatever….just REAL FOOD!!  It makes me so happy to think about what this does to change our family for the better with our health 🙂

Kevin’s results after the first Whole 30:


Weight Loss:  26 LBS                                 Inches Lost:  7 1/2 INCHES

Here is my wonderful and super handsome hubby!  He did AWESOME!  He stuck to the plan, took his lunch and huge water bottle to work with him each day.  He came home and helped me prepare dinner.  On the weekends he would go shopping with me (and our 3 children) and help me unload and prep for the week.  He is truly amazing and it made a HUGE difference that he did the Whole 30 with me.  His results were so AMAZING!  After 3 weeks he could wear a smaller shirt because his mid section had shrunk so much.  He couldn’t even wear the same shirt that he wore in his before pic because it was too baggy to be able to see the difference.  He also looks so much better (than my pics)…with his smile and being actually dressed:)

What about you?  Did you do the Whole 30?  Are you in the middle of your journey?  Do you want to start?  Let me encourage you…JUST DO IT!  It is so worth it…it’s a great start in our journey to better health!!

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