Whole 30 – Round 2 Update…where there is grace :)

not-so-crunchy-mom-ninjago-birthday-cake We have been pushing through this Round 2 of the Whole 30 and have done pretty decent except for a few minor things (which we are having grace for the 2nd time around).  Although, I have learned something about myself, if I give in a little it is MUCH easier to give in A LOT!  I made it through my son’s birthday party where I cut and handed each person a piece of cake…where my hand was covered in delicious chocolate cake and icing…and NEVER even tasted it.  Like…there is still a portion of the entire cake in my kitchen right this moment and I haven’t tried to eat it.  I have wanted to…but haven’t done it.  (Feel free to break out in applause :))

Now, we made it through the birthday party and then had family activities on the next day (his actual birthday)…and we ate at his favorite restaurant…Pluckers.  If you have never been there, you are missing out…SUPER tasty wings and greasy foods…but really good.  Well, I was good and got “naked chicken with salad”…but then there was the sauce/dressing.  We were giving ourselves some grace, so it wasn’t a big deal.  But, then yesterday I found myself feeling like I could give myself “more grace” and then today…even worse.  So…I have realized that it is important not to be TOO hard on yourself, but that there is a reason it is like that…and you feel SO much better about yourself if you push through the temptations!

Yet another learning lesson that I am walking through on this journey and I think that it is another reason it seems SO MUCH easier for my hubby than me – He just decides and keeps focused…AND everyone he sees says something about the weight that he has lost!  I don’t know if it is because I am a woman…or just the way that I was created, but figuring out the emotional side of eating is even more difficult than cooking all the time!

I write all this, to hopefully NOT disappoint you, but to share what my journey is like and hopefully it will give you hope to start…and re-start…and continue!  After all, who likes those stories where everything is great all the time and no one makes a mistake?!?


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