Whole 30 – Round 2

not-so-crunchy-mom-Whole-30-Round-2 We have started Whole 30 AGAIN!  What were we thinking??  I have to admit that I am not quite as excited about starting this time as I was last time.  The main reason is because of the “no sugar” rule…which really is WHY we are doing it again!

Hubby and I had been discussing getting back in the swing of things so that we didn’t let any super bad habits creep in…but, this time I wasn’t as emotionally prepared as I was the first time.  It could have something to do with “added hormones”…if you know what I mean ladies…and just feeling a bit overwhelmed with SO many life duties.  We really are crazy because August is one of our most busy months…3 family birthdays including my 1st born and my hubby!  And if you haven’t noticed yet, we do things a little big at our house (although, I have been trying to scale back a bit).  So, that is two birthday weeks (or at least a few days)…one SUPER Ninjago birthday for a special 1st born…one gift for the great brother in law…and trying to avoid all the sugary and gluten full treats while planning and attending those events!

This is real life people:)  I know the last time through Whole 30 I shared some of the emotions that we dealt with, but I didn’t get to as much as I had wanted…so here we go with round 2!  Some of you may be running scared now, but that was part of my promise when I began this blog.  I am just a wife and mom that has struggled with weight ever since I can remember…I found Young Living Essential Oils and have fallen in love with learning “new to me” ways to improve our health.  Essential oils being the main fuel and changing our diet and lifestyle coming close behind 🙂  I hope that you will either laugh…feel inspired or maybe even challenged to find a new journey for yourself.  So…here we go Whole 30…2 days down…only like 400 to go!  (really only 28…but, for real…feels like a long time right this minute)

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  1. You can do it!! Thanks for your honesty! Just think of all the victories you can report and how you handled the parties. You are doing awesome!!

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