Clean house…happy home…so they say…

cleanhousehappyhome What is it about a clean house that makes a happy home?  I have always struggled to keep my house “clean and picked up”.  It is not one of those things that comes easy for me.  I have some of “those friends”…you know the ones…you have them too…you go to their house and it always looks like it was just cleaned (EVERY TIME)!  No toys on the floor, a place for everything and everything has a place…or whatever the saying is.  I have always wanted my house to be picked up, but didn’t really have the discipline to get it there…and then it was so frustrating that as soon as you cleaned something…say the toilet…then someone would have the nerve to actually USE it!!  And then we are back where we started:)

Well, something that I have realized after a few (like 5 years) into this “staying at home / mommie” gig…that there is a little truth to the clean house…happy home…thing.  NOT the part about working your tail off to pick up all day, everyday, just for your kiddos to play with their toys and destroy it within a few minutes.  Nor the part that you get “angry” and feel like a drill sergeant when you ask your children to pick up so that it remains in super perfect condition. (like 100 times)

No, the part that I learned to be true for myself is…if I keep up with keeping my house “clean enough” that when people come over I don’t feel the need to apologize, they can use the bathroom without me inspecting it first (ha!) and it is warm and welcoming…it DOES in fact, make me happier!  Not because it is spic and span clean…but, it is like it releases my mind to actually accomplish other (sometimes fun) things!  On top of that…it makes me feel like I actually did something tangible that is noticeable and that I can check off on my (most of the time) invisible to do list:)

There is a lot to be said for a mommy without the “weight” of a messy, super dis-organized (we are still working on this), laundry pile filled, toys everywhere, mess of a house hanging over them.  Seriously, I cleaned my house yesterday after a couple crazy weeks of disorganization…just finished the last clothing load of laundry…which…yes, I just hung up, folded and put away!!  Yes…please send a celebration parade my way…it is complete…well, at least for the next 5 minutes (until my kiddos wakeup) 🙂  And really, it feels so nice to even be able to think about doing something else fun…like write this little note to you, possibly think about crafting or maybe even just sitting?!?  Who knew…

What are things that help you feel less “weight” as a mommy?  Are you a super clean mommy or a “clean enough” mommy?

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