The Best Whole 30ish / Paleo Coffee I Have Found :)

Something that has been hard for me from the beginning of this Whole 30 journey is COFFEE!  You see, I am not addicted to coffee because I NEED it to wake up, it is more something that I love to drink in the morning just because it makes me feel comfy cozy and HAPPY!  You know…like it makes me think about a day when hubby and I will sit on the porch and drink coffee together reading the paper (if they still have those then).  When we started Whole 30…we started trying SO many different things to see if I could find a cup that I enjoyed drinking:)

not-so-crunchy-mom-madhava-coconut-sugar I tried it black…BLAH!!!!  I tried it with some canned coconut milk (that is the best kind, BTW) because “they” said it would taste good and sweet…BLAH! (although my hubby liked it this way)  I tried it with honey (post whole 30)…with agave, which was pretty good…but still not great.  I even tried a little dairy creamer every once in awhile to really enjoy my coffee.  Well, I was reading in one Paleo cookbook at Barnes and Noble on a date night with my cute hubby:)  (yes…we usually go to bookstores on date nights…because we both are book collectors!)  Anyway, in the cookbook it talked about coconut sugar and I mentioned it to hubby…he happened to find the Madhava brand at Walmart and people….it is WONDERFUL!

not-so-crunchy-mom-madhava-vanilla-syrup He also found some Madhava Organic Vanilla Syrup at HEB in Austin with no super bad stuff (that I know of…I am still new to this) in it.  And lastly…So Delicious, dairy free coconut milk creamer!!  I no-so-crunchy-mom-so-delicious-coconut-milk-creamer know…you might say…wow, that is a lot of things to put in your coffee!!  But, let me just say, I don’t ALWAYS put ALL of them in…but the combo of a little coconut sugar and coconut creamer is wonderful!  And on special days…add the syrup:)  Either way, it is better than dairy and real sugar, right?  Finally I look forward to my coffee…that I drink to make me feel cozy.  It truly doesn’t make me have more energy…THAT I get from my Ningxia Red (Ninja) Juice🙂

What is your favorite way to drink your coffee??

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