Slique Challenge 2015: Weekly Plan and Grocery List

We are 2 days away from the beginning of the Slique Challenge 2015!  I have to admit that I am not as prepared as I would like to be, but I always work better under pressure anyway:))  I got to spend an overnight with hubby to start fresh for the New Year and we spent a few hours at a book store so he could finish a book for his new job (yay!  more on that later) and I could make our week 1 plan!

First, I wanted an easy way to remember when to use what product in the Slique program.  I work better with lists or visual reminders…how about you?  So, I created this daily plan.  Since I am doing the entire plan, I included all the products…if you are just doing some of the plan you are welcome to make changes that will work best for you.  Just click on the link under to download an editable word document:)

Not So Crunchy Mom Slique Challenge 2015 Daily Product Plan

Slique Challenge 2015 Daily Product Plan Template

Next was the hard part…the food plan!  Am I the only one that sort of dreads creating the weekly food plan…but knows how much it helps and really is the KEY to SUCCESS!  My plan is a little different because I have to include my entire family.  Although none of them are going to be using the Slique products (because my hubby just finished losing 50+ lbs and I don’t want him to blow away 🙂  and my kiddos will have enough of a challenge with the food changes).  I work better when everything is on one page…so, you will notice that I created our plan for the week in a one page format that includes all products that I will be using, options for Breakfast, Lunch and snacks (not specifics per day because I work better with options) and a dinner plan for 7 days (again, not a specific commitment to that day, but options:)).

Not So Crunchy Mom - Slique Challenge  -Weekly Detail Plan

Not So Crunchy Mom - Weekly Grocery List

Slique Challenge Weekly Plan Details – BLANK

Now it is your turn to get your plan ready!  You can use the document link above to download a blank form similar to mine, or I made one that is more of a weekly format that you can use in a blank format as well:)

Slique Challenge - Weekly Plan Blank

Slique Challenge Weekly Grocery Plan - BLANK

Slique Challenge Weekly Plan and Grocery List – BLANK

You can click the link and use the word document to create your very own weekly plan!  Now, get started and let me know what are some of the meals on your weekly plan:)

Don’t forget, it is NEVER too late to start and you can join our 60 day challenge whenever you would like…comment or email me at if you would like more information on joining the Slique Challenge 2015 or Young Living Essential Oils.

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