1 week of Camp Gladiator and 1 mile jog

First Family Run - 010916

After 1 week of Camp Gladiator, we had an opportunity to go to a camp this morning (Saturday), but decided to do something at home today so that we could workout together:)  It is a really cold day today here in Texas, but we were determined to keep up with our progress from the week.  We bundled up everyone and we went on our first family walk / bike ride / jog. (forgive the blurry pic…3 kiddos are hard to get to stand still)  To give you a little perspective, I have tried to start couch to 5K about 5x in the last year or so and have struggled SO MUCH to just get through the 30 – 60 second jog intervals.  Today, I wanted to test my endurance to see how long I could “jog” (i use the term lightly…more like a trot) without stopping.  I would love to be able to jog a 5K with my husband by the end of February, so I thought I would see how my first week of Camp Gladiator affected my ability to jog.  Well, I didn’t think I would make it…but, I made the WHOLE MILE without stopping!!  To say that I was excited is an understatement!

First Jog 2016 - 01016

So, after 5 camps in 5 days, someone that could barely jog for the 30 seconds in couch to 5K, made it the entire mile!  If that isn’t a testimony of success, i don’t know what is:)  It made me feel so good and so much STRONGER!!  I still have SO far to go, but what a blessing to have this accomplishment as an encouragement to keep going:)

Young Living Essential Oils - Not So Crunchy Mom

After 5 days of camps my knees were giving me fits last night, so I applied some of my precious Young Living Products that I love.  I used some Ortho Ease massage oil to help soothe, Ortho Sport massage oil for relief and some Panaway to apply after exercise.  This morning they were still sore, but felt SO much better!  I am thankful to have these as resources to help support my body and all the changes and stress I am putting it through:)

I hope you are having a great Saturday and would love to hear how your 2016 resolutions are going:)  Leave me a comment or send me an email at notsocrunchymom@gmail.com.

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