Camp Gladiator – 2nd Weekend Update

Camp Gladiator - 2nd weekend - Not So Crunchy Mom

When we decided to commit to CG (Camp Gladiator), we signed up to go BOLD!  That means that we get a discount for committing to 6 or 12 months.  It is $79/mo for 6 months or $69/mo for 12 months…and your spouse is just $35…so for a little over $100 you and your spouse get unlimited camp sessions with personal trainers for 12 months.

One of the additional perks is that they have special seminars to help you on your health journey.  There was one this Saturday about Nutrition.  I decided to go ahead and go to learn more about what they believe is a great way to address nutrition.  As usual with anything CG, it was very inspirational and encouraging.  We also learned some basics on things to help with our nutrition.  It is still a little confusing, so I am hoping to schedule some time with our trainers to make sure I am making a good plan for adding in more accountability with my nutrition.

The biggest “ah ha” moment for me, was that the trainer Kim was suggesting a website to find out how many macro nutrients we need and she said under active that we should choose VERY ACTIVE!  I had to take a moment and think…am I VERY ACTIVE?  I have never in my life been able to click that box:)  Still kinda crazy to me!

Saturday after the class, I had already gotten ready for the day and didn’t want to have to get ready again before church at 4, so we took that day as our rest day.  (call me crazy I didn’t want to have to dry my long hair again 🙂 )  On Sunday, we decided to take a “jog/trot” again to see if it was any better than last week…I did feel better as far as breathing, etc, but had a little trouble with my leg muscles being kind of tight.  My hubby Kevin said that I did it faster than last week…but we didn’t really track it as well as this time.  Kevin rode his bike with the boys and P on the back for my jog.  So, I decided to offer to trade so that he could get his run in as well.  It sounds silly, but I have been afraid to try and ride his bike because I was afraid I would fall over or not be able to do it.  It was so fun…and yes, I still have some work to do…but I was proud of myself for trying!

Overall a great weekend and feel pretty good about the progress that we have made in two weeks!  We will see how Monday goes with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) week…yikes!

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