My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 1 in the books!

Camp Gladiator - Day 1

So, today I conquered my fear of going to visit Camp Gladiator for the very first time! ¬†I know that might sound silly, but I really did have so much anxiety about the unknowns…will I be the biggest person there, will I always be last, will I hold up other people so that they are always waiting on me…and then my super irrational fear…will I die ūüôā ¬†Well, I have good news people…I have lived through Camp Gladiator Day 1 experience.

Since my hubby (Kevin) is also attending CG this month, we had to figure out the best times for us both to be able to go. ¬†He really likes to get up early…I DO NOT! ¬†So, it worked out that he would go to the 5:30 AM camp this morning and I would go to the 8:45 AM camp. ¬†It put a little cramp in my schedule because I have all the kiddos, but thankfully my Dad (Papa) was able to watch them for me. ¬†I admit that I had trouble getting to sleep last night because I couldn’t shut off my brain…but this morning when Kevin got home, he LOVED it and was super excited about me going.

I dropped off my kiddos and drove up to a BUNCH of cars! ¬†As I was getting out of the car I realized that I had walked out without my MAT…but I was committed and there was no turning back now:) ¬†As I was walking in, I ran into my friend Sara and her husband…she had promised to be there on my first time! ¬†Thankfully one of the trainers had an extra mat and we were all ready to go. ¬†We got straight into it and had to find a couple sets of partners. ¬†Mondays are weight days, so while one partners would go do running exercises outside, the other person would stay in and do weight exercises. ¬†It was okay, I just felt bad because my partner was having to do SO MANY more reps than me…especially when I was running. ¬†She was super nice and continued to encourage me and say that it was okay and to keep doing what I could.

There were a couple of times that I was hoping it would be over soon…but soon enough it was all done! ¬†I had finished and I didn’t die:) ¬†I know it sounds so silly, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had made it up in my head…YES, it was SUPER hard and YES, I couldn’t do a lot of the exercises without them being modified…but, everyone was SO NICE and SUPER ENCOURAGING! ¬†No one made me feel like I wasn’t good enough or that I should be better…they just kept encouraging.

So, my overall review for Camp Gladiator Day 1…is just do it! ¬†If I can do it…ANYONE CAN! ¬†We had two main trainers (Kevin and Jessie Richardson) and two extra trainers (Courtney and Jake). ¬†They are seriously some of the nicest people and really have a heart to help others. ¬†Now, off to drink my water…and hopefully be able to move tomorrow to go to my next camp:)

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