My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 10

Camp Gladiator - Day 10 -  Not So Crunchy Mom Yay…it is Day 10…Fun Day Friday!  Today I wasn’t quite looking forward to going to Camp Gladiator…but I knew I was going to go:)  I think I was tired from the week…we had church services on Sun – Wed nights, so we had been out a lot more than usual.  Thankfully my buddies were at camp today and it was broken up into teams…but for individual work…which I have learned that I really like:)  My friend Amanda (1 year vet), April (Many years) and my Karen (who I kinda made come with me)  Super thankful for their encouragement today!

We started off with a game called ship or sale…which is a lot like Simons Says…and it was a lot of fun.  Then we had 7 different stations that we had to do different exercises…it was also a preview to next week…interval week…where you work at 100% for a short period of time and then you have a rest period before you start again.  The 7 stations were:

  1. 30 shoulder taps and 5 power push ups
  2. Using the rolling scooter do 10 push outs and 10 hamstring push outs (I don’t think that is the right name…but you get the idea)
  3. Carry the fire hose:  this was actually one of my favorites!  There were two cones and we had to carry the fire hose from one cone to the next.  We were suppose to have buddies, but I ended up on a side by myself…it was hard, but fun and made me feel strong:)
  4. Slam the ropes:  this is similar to when we slammed the fire hoses at Allyson’s camp, but we used ropes.  We did 10 slams then 1 burpee, 10 slams and 2 burpees and 10 slams then 30 burpees.  That exercise really gets your heart pumping…but it is also fun because it isn’t something you normally do.
  5. Resistant sprints:  our partner held a resistant band and held us back while we sprinted to the other side.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it very well, but it ended up being pretty fun as well.
  6. Leg Lifts:  this one we are suppose to step up with our knees and lift the other knee.  I didn’t do the full stadium seat distance, but used the step to do them modified to save my knees 🙂
  7. Sand Bag Slams:  these are the good old faithful slamming of the sand bags…we were suppose to do 10 as fast as we could and then squat while the other person did their reps.

And that was it!  What I am learning is that I really enjoy the workouts that have a lot of different stations or activities and you can do them as a group…but at your own pace!  I also really love when we use weird things like fire hoses or ropes…it somehow makes me feel stronger because I never would have thought I would have been able to complete it.

Thankfully I didn’t cry or wasn’t even sad today!  Kevin and Jessie are so gracious to listen and be so helpful…as does Allyson on Tues/Thurs:)  The CG trainers are the best!

I have to admit that I am looking forward to no camp on Sat/ Sun and a little scared about next week…but super excited about completing my second week!  10 days down…only 10 more for my first camp and ???? more to get to my ideal health:)

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