My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 11 & Day 12

Camp Gladiator - Day 11 and 12 Day 11 – First Day of HIIT Week – First time I felt like I was going to pass out and potentially throw up 🙂

The workout started off a little crazy because there were so many people and I had saved a spot for my friend, but ended up not showing up.  I moved to where another one of my new CG friends was set up and joined her group.  I knew it was going to be difficult and it was…many little “warm up” sessions…and then 4 different locations where we did different things.

  1. Mat work with 3 different movements
  2. Jump Rope 50 times x 3
  3. Sprint race x 3
  4. Slam the ropes x 2

All of them pushed my boundaries, but I did it and was doing pretty good.  I thought we were close to done, but the worst was yet to come.  We had to do 20 seconds of bicep curls, 20 seconds of raising the weight over your head using triceps (there is a name) and then 10 seconds of burpees.  During those seconds you are suppose to do them as fast as you can:)  I happened to bring heavier weights today…and was having a hard time finishing everything…and my new partner was so sweet to really push me.  We finished and I felt really strange.  I sat down and just tried to catch my breath.  In my mind I was getting a little nervous about the way I felt and feeling a little embarrassed.  I was trying not to bring too much attention to myself, but really could not get up to get to my car.  Thankfully trainer Kevin came over to help me walk outside and get some fresh air…he also told me that my body was just having a little glucose problem where I all my sugars went somewhere else and made me feel so poopy.  Thankfully I finally felt a little better and was able to get to my car and drive just around the corner to get a smoothie from Smoothie King…and a little later I was feeling so much better!

All of that made me super nervous…because I have struggled with health anxiety…so when I feel weird, it kind of freaks me out 🙁  I got anxious about Day 12 and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up my commitment.  But, today my buddy Karen was back as well as many others and I just tried to listen really closely to what my body was saying…and although I did push myself pretty hard…I didn’t feel that way and completed a great workout from Allyson.  We ran A LOT today…but short sprints and did some pretty crazy exercises.  But, I even did a few burpees with a little jump in them…slowly but surely I am coming along!

Well, I will do better about pictures tomorrow hopefully!  Honestly there are so many times I wish I could snap a pic, but I never have my phone with me…I can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes!  Hope Kevin and Jessie don’t push us TOO hard tomorrow 🙂

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