My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 13

Camp Gladiator - Day 13 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Today was the first day back to Kevin and Jessie’s camp since Monday when I had my little “almost passed out” moment 🙂  I have to say that even though we are 2.5 weeks into this, I still get nervous every time I go to camp!  Today it was pretty cold outside, but it didn’t take long to get warm because it is still HIIT week (Hight Intensity Interval Training…I think).  That means that we do some of the same things we have been “practicing” the past 2 weeks, but at 95% of your max potential for a burst of time, then you get a short break, then you do the same thing again.

After a warm up run we did an exercise game of paper, rock, scissors.  Whoever lost had to do one exercise and the other did another…we repeated a few times…that is what is fun about CG…you are working out, but also having fun!  Then we started the main part of the workout where we were in 4 groups.  We each had an exercise that we did specific reps and then rested…the goal was to do as close to the goal number in 20 seconds and then have 10 seconds to rest.  We started with 12 jump squats…which I did modified by doing my squat and then going up on my toes…I lost count of how many 30 second increments we did it…but it was A LOT!  Next we were suppose to do military push ups, but I ended up doing my knee pushups.  After that we had to do burpees…painful burpees:(  Thankfully Kevin brought we some HUGE dumbbells and showed me how it was much easier to do them when your hands are raised a little…that was SUPER helpful!  The last round we had a HERO that did all the exercises (so did we), but when she was done we ran outside and carried a fire hose while running.  That was tough after already being out of breath from doing the exercises…but we got through it!  The last section we worked on our core with a bunch of different planking exercises.  My core is SO weak…so I did a lot of plank hold instead of all the fancy ones.  I will be so excited to finally have some strength in my core!!  I am sure those 3 c-sections didn’t help me out much…but those sweet babies were worth it 🙂

So, one thing that people had always told me about Camp Gladiator is that the people are so friendly and its like a family.  I have to admit that I didn’t quite believe them…after all why would people choose to workout in the freezing cold or super hot weather??  Well, it is the TRUTH!  I haven’t met one person that hasn’t been super supportive and encouraging…no one makes you feel like you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t trying hard enough…and they seriously are so nice!  And it is like a big family…today was Trainer Kevin’s 30th birthday and some of the people that have been in his camp for a while planned a little party for him after camp and they brought lots of great accessories for him to wear today. (See proof in the picture, thanks to his wife and trainer Jessie)  I think it is just awesome to have such great people in your corner during this journey and to have fun in the process of one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life!

CG - Day 13 Kevins bday

I know that there are some of you that have considered coming out to see what CG is all about…I encourage you to just come and try it out!  If you don’t want to come to this camp on week 3…I understand…just plan on coming for the next camp, that starts on February 8th!  As a valued reader with the Not So Crunchy Mom Blog, we have a great opportunity to have a special promotional discount code for 60% off your first camp!

Camp Gladiator Promo - Not So Crunchy Mom Promo

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