My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 14

Camp Gladiator - Day 14 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Today we woke up and it was dark, dreary, cold and rainy.  All of those things make me want to sleep or snuggle and watch movies all day.  But my kiddos had school today, so we had to get going!  One thing I didn’t realize was a bonus of doing Camp Gladiator 5 days a week is that it is pretty easy and quick to get ready:)  Just choose the “active wear” of the day, put the messy hair (that I was too lazy to dry after my shower the night before) up in a really messy bun and you are ready:)  There is one negative…EXTRA laundry…but there could be worse things!

Since it was raining, our workout was moved inside the church where we usually meet.  Allyson (the trainer) said that since the room was smaller that we wouldn’t have any running…but then she realized that we could jog around the outside of the room…so it wasn’t quite no running:)  Allyson is so great and always so helpful!  You can see what she looks like today in the pic above!  We did some warming up and then we broke up into groups of 3.  My group of 3 is pictured today…they both are amazingly strong women that are so encouraging!  Thanks Amanda and Kara…I am thankful for you!  We did several exercises in our groups…we would do 10 of a certain exercise, then switch to another high intensity exercise and then a resting exercise.  It was a weight day, so we did a lot of arm exercises with our weights, high intensity like high knees, booty kicks (we don’t say butt at our house) and jump squats and then resting…or squating.  You would think since we weren’t moving around as much that we wouldn’t sweat as much…no so…SO SWEATY again today! (as you can see in my pic…just real life people)

After those, we did some core work.  We did about 6 different exercises that worked our core…which mine is VERY weak!  But, it was encouraging to find a few exercises that worked for me.  I look forward to the day that I will be able to do a true sit-up or something like that:)  Today, like every day was difficult, but the best advice I have for you today…don’t let go of your weight while holding it on your chest laying down…it will roll down your chest and knock you in your jaw:(  Ha!  I definitely learned my lesson…I don’t know what I was thinking, but I let it go and man my jaw is so sore!!

I can’t believe it, but tomorrow is Day 15!  I am excited about completing week 3…it has been challenging for me:)

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