My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 16

Camp Gladiator - Day 16 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Happy Monday!  This weekend we had a great family weekend and tried to relax a little.  We are pretty big baseball fans at our house and my oldest has become a serious player and fan!  The Rangers are our team and they had a Fan Fest Day, so we went and got to tour the weight room, locker room, batting cages, dugout, run the bases and play a whole lot.  We even had an Adrian Beltre sighting and my oldest Jude got to give him a high 5:)

TX Fan Fest

On Sunday we went for our weekly job, this week was a little harder getting started.  I think my body might be a little mad at me for making it work so hard over the past 3 weeks:) One thing I did figure out was that once I calmed my breathing and my body down I was able to jog much easier…so again mental:)  Once I got settled down, I was able to do over a little over a mile…which is good.

Today was the first day of Met-Con week at Camp Gladiator…meaning Metabolic Conditioning week…a.k.a. the HARDEST and most trying week there is!  Kevin and Jessie said that this week is what we pay for:)  Where we get the most results and can keep your body in fat burning for a whole day!  I will take that:)  The hard part is that it was weight day…so we did strength training with cardio…and it was VERY difficult!  I had to modify most of the exercises and cut some of the cardio in half…but I finished!

I have been beating myself up a little because I don’t feel like I am making enough progress…but I have to remind myself that I haven’t worked out this hard…like EVER!  And starting from zero…to working out for 60 minutes, 5 days a week…is an accomplishment enough for camp 1 for me!  So, as I go into Day 2 of week 4, I am going to remind myself to just keep moving and be happy with doing my best.  If you think about it, would you pray for Wednesday though…it is the day we do Fight Gone Bad…and test our limits to be able to measure at the end of the next camp…and I am seriously scared!  I want to be able to push myself…but not so much that I want to pass out or that I can’t do anything else.

Camp Gladiator - Day 16 Kevin

Take a look at my pictures above, mine is Tiffani Mason that started a blog called A Beauty-full Journey about her journey a while back and helped to motivate me to try it myself.  She also is such a great encourager to me to keep going!  And finally my hubby remembered to take a picture…or Azu was kind enough to remind him…and she and her husband Ron got to be in it too!  They are the reason we are here this month…we are so thankful for them!!

I hope you had a great weekend and have started off Monday just the way you wanted to!  I will let you know how tomorrow goes…here we go 4 days and counting left to go!!

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  1. I am beyond proud of you girl! You are kicking butt! Do not let that enemy steel that from you. You have successfully completed almost 4 weeks of Camp Gladiator, even when your accountability buddy(I will mention no names) doesn’t show up. Please don’t underestimate the impact you are having on others through this journey. Thank you for getting me out there and your encouragement. See you in the morning😍🏋🏆🏆

    1. Thank you friend! I appreciate you and your encouragement:) I always have a better day at camp when you are there with me!

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