My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 17

Camp Gladiator - Day 17 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Day 17 of Camp Gladiator is complete!  Today was FREEZING…unlike yesterday that was beautiful outside.  But, that is Texas for you.  It took a little bit to get warmed up because the wind was SO chilly.  We had a long warm up of running (or fast walking today for me) and then mat work in between.  After that we started a few rounds of exercises.

First round was:  14 military pushups, 14 jump squats and 14 hard count mountain climbers (which is really 28 🙂 )…then the best part was after you did the first round of those, you got to do 2 sprints with a small break between.  We were suppose to add 2 more sprints each time we ran, but I stuck with 2 sprints (but more jogging then sprints).  After the second set, Allyson came to check on me and I told her I was struggling and asked her if I should lower my number of military push ups…she suggested I do it until my first fail and then try again and when I have to stop again move on to the next exercise.  That was super helpful.

After the first round, we did a short set to work on our abs!  That was fun and painful because after never really working my core and then having 3 c-sections…it is exciting to feel like there actually might be abs under there somewhere:)

Second round of exercises were:  14 piyo lunges, 14 half burpees and 14 side shuffles.  I basically had to modify ALL of the exercises:)  On the lunges, I just switched quickly, but no jumping, on the burpees I found the curb and used it to help and after a few rounds of side shuffles I was having trouble, so Allyson suggested doing lower squat side walks (I don’t know if that is the right terminology).  She said it is helpful to build the muscles to give more stability to be able to do the side shuffles in the future:)  The first couple of times with the sprinting, I jogged as usual…but the last time I decided to see if I could do a true sprint.  To my surprise…I did do two…and then I felt like I might throw up:)  But, I did it and next time I might be able to do more.

Our last round was another short ab section with planks and bicycle crunches.  Then stretching!

What I am learning is the physical aspect is hard…but the worse part is the mental and emotional side.  The feeling disappointed because I can’t do more, the I feel tired and want to quit, the being afraid if I push too hard I will hurt myself or my body won’t be able to handle it, yadda, yadda, yadda!!  It has caused me to think through why it is such a battle for me to overcome those thoughts and have been praying that Jesus will give me the strength to overcome and trust the process.  I reached out to Allyson to share some of my thoughts I have been struggling with and of course she was super encouraging and one of my biggest cheerleaders for this journey.   I look forward to what the next few days bring and am really going to work on changing those thoughts to believing thoughts:)

One of my favorite, unexpected surprises that has come out of these last 17 days…the sweet new friends and everyone being so encouraging.  My picture today has many that I have already introduced you to…but also Michelle (first one on the left).  Michelle was my partner my very first day of camp and has been so encouraging and kind.  She is a Camp Gladiator expert.  I am glad to finally get a pic of her on the blog.

If you think about it, I would appreciate your thoughts and prayers around 8:45 am tomorrow when I will be doing my Fight Gone Bad with Kevin and Jessie…I have heard it is SUPER tough, but a good way to see your results after next camp.  I will let you know how I do:)

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