My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 18

Camp Gladiator - Day 18 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Day 18 of Camp Gladiator…and 1st FIGHT GONE BAD!!  I was pretty nervous about it, but prayed a lot and tried to keep my mind positive.  Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a fitness test to measure where you are at and see how you get better each month:)  I do love results and to see improvement…so I was going to go into it with the goal of doing my best.

We did a warm up and then we did a couple of quick high intensity exercises to get us warmed up and ready for FBG.  Then we started…we had 5 exercises that we did for 1 minute each and no break in between the 5 rounds.  You get a 1 minute break between rounds and you do 5 rounds.  So…it is basically 25 minutes of intense working with very little rest.  The 5 exercises we did today were:  Push Press, Shuffle, Box Jump, Burpees and Squats.  All of them are weighted except for the box jumps (steps) and the shuffles.

I used my 8lb weights and did modified burpees…and thankfully when i arrived at camp Kevin (trainer) had brought a smaller step for us to use:)  That made me feel SO much better…because even though it was hard…it didn’t seem impossible like the HUGE boxes that some of the other groups were using.  It was also fun because we had a group of 5 people that were around the same level to walk through the exercise with us.

The timer went off and we started!  I did okay for the first exercise…then the dreaded shuffle (have I mentioned that they aren’t my favorite), then box jumps, burpees (again…not my favorite) and then squats.  The hardest part was catching my breath and getting my number written down quickly and move on to the next exercise.  During the rounds…lets just say I did great on the first exercise of the round…and then it would decrease from there…but I completed all except one exercise that I skipped.  Jessie and Kevin were awesome and super encouraging…Jessie was helping me with my form or modifications and Kevin encouraged me to work on taking bigger and longer breaths.  When we started I honestly didn’t know if I would get through it….but I did…WE DID!!

I take a few things away from my first Fight Gone Bad:

  1. Who knew a minute could last an ETERNITY!!
  2. I need to work on my breathing
  3. I can push myself harder than I let myself
  4. Thankful for my CG family and team to be so encouraging (my FGB team is pictured above)
  5. We all have to start somewhere on a journey…and this is a beginning for me:)  I can’t wait to see what next month’s numbers are:)

CG - FGB 1st Camp Results

So after we do all of it, we add up all the numbers and get a total.  Then we have to show Kevin or Jessie and they give us feedback.  My number was….316!  That means in 30 minutes I did 316 reps of exercises…what??  Crazy to think about…and as my friend Karen said, it is like John 3:16:  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  Kinda funny, but I am taking it as a little love note from Jesus saying He was with me during my FBG journey:)

Since I had already included pics of Jessie and Allyson, i thought I should include Kevin.  He and Jessie have been so kind and helpful to my husband Kevin and me:)  We are so thankful for them both!

Camp Gladiator - Trainer Kevin Richardson

Thank you so much for all the texts and messages from you about today.  I am feeling it tonight and my knees are hurting pretty bad…but I feel good about finishing it today!


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