My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 19

Camp Gladiator - Day 19 - Not So Crunchy Mom After Fight Gone Bad on Day 18 of Camp Gladiator, I was SUPER tired and sore.  It was a different kind of sore, my knees and body just hurt:(  I think it was a combination of FBG being tough and my body just being mad at me for 4 weeks of a LOT of exercise that it had never been use to before!  I have to admit, week 4 has been the hardest week to finish out all 5 days…but I had made the commitment and I was determined to complete it.

Day 19 of Camp Gladiator was with Allyson and it was a beautiful and pretty warm day outside.  We started off with a lot of jogging…which as I might have mentioned is not my favorite part YET:)  We got to partner up and I was with a friend from my church named Erica.  We ran opposite directions and met up in the middle and would do a warm up exercise like squats, mountain climbers or high knees.  The beginning (warm up) is usually the hardest for me…I think just getting my body moving and ready to start takes a little extra motivation.  After those, we did some different groups of exercises with weights:  weighted squats, bicep curls and presses.  We would do them for 60 seconds and then go do a traveling exercise like broad jumps for 60 seconds.  Then we did the same thing for 50 seconds, 40 seconds, 30 seconds and 20 seconds.  Last we would do a 2 minute push of each exercise.

We did another round similar to that, but on the mat:  chest fly, skull crusher and weighted sit up (I think) and added another travel.  The last round included the dead lift and another travel:)  My knees were really sore today, so I had to modify most of the travels.  But, the great part is that each trainer that I have met is ALWAYS so helpful and willing to find a better option for you.  I know that I have mentioned it before, but one reason that I like CG so much is that if you are hating the exercise…there is a pretty good chance it is going to change in 1-3 minutes:)  Our last exercise was a core push…and we did 1-2 minutes of three different exercises.  I know it sounds silly, but I really enjoy doing core exercises.  I cannot do them very well, but it makes me really excited that someday I might actually have a little bit of strength in my core:)

We finished Day 19 and my sweet friends Amanda, Kara, Michelle and Erica were so encouraging!!  Just one more day to meet my first goal of completing 4 weeks of 5 days a week…20 total:)

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