My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 20 – I DID IT!

Camp Gladiator - Day 20 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Well, it is here Day 20 of my first Camp Gladiator Camp!  When I made the goal to attend all 5 days of Camp Gladiator for 4 weeks I didn’t think about the fact that the last weekend would land with my nephews first birthday and my daughters birthday.  It is a big weekend and we were leaving for Austin on day 20…so I had a choice:

  • Do a double camp in a day – during week 4…NO WAY!
  • Not go to camp – Not happening since I told all of you readers that I would do it!
  • Attend camp in Austin – I could, but wanted to help my sister with whatever she needed.
  • Get up at 4:20AM to attend camp at 5:00AM – I do not love getting up early…but its the best option!

My sweet hubby was sweet and let me go to my 20th camp instead of him:)  I set my alarm for 4:20AM…and unfortunately didn’t sleep very well because I was worried I wouldn’t get up in time 🙂  I got up and headed towards Allyson’s camp…my sweet friend Amanda was so awesome to get up and come to early camp with me!!  I was hurting more than usual and not quite into it as much as usual…and to be honest…if I hadn’t told all of you about my goals, I might have skipped.  But, I did it!

We did some fun warm ups that was like musical chairs…and thankfully I didn’t lose so I didn’t have to do any extra burpees:)  Our main exercise was 5 different exercises we did for 1 minute each…5 times.  They were all combination moves that were a little more difficult for me to do.  But, I think I was just tired.  It seems that Fridays have been some of my harder workouts, which I think might be my body just getting tired from the week of work.

Even though I didn’t finish Day 20 working out at 100%, I finished it!  For me, it is such a huge accomplishment that I can’t believe I actually finished!!  In my life, I feel like there are SO many times that I start something and fail to finish.  I am so excited that I actually did what I said I would!  Now…I am going to rest this weekend…and attend 2-3 workouts next week (rest week)…and get ready for my 2nd camp that starts on Feb 8th!  Who is going to come with me??  I would love to share my 2nd Camp Gladiator experience with you:)  You too can try out Camp Gladiator for a special price of $69!!  Visit here to read more about the promo or send me an email at

How are your goals coming?  What are you going to change for February?  For me…February is about adding in nutrition…whew…another big obstacle for me!

If you want to catch up on all my first camp, then visit here🙂

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