My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 3…better than Day 2!!

Camp Gladiator Experience - Day 3

Today was Camp Gladiator Experience Day 3!  We were back inside, which was warmer, but also made me realize that I was sweating a lot more:)  I was a little concerned since my legs had been so sore and yesterday was so tough…but today, although still VERY tough…was good!

We learned a LOT of new exercises today…and that meant asking for A LOT of help to modify the exercises since I am not yet strong enough to do them the way they are demonstrated.  You know what the awesome part is…the trainers with Camp Gladiator (Kevin and Jessie today), are always super helpful and willing to work where you are starting.  Today I felt like my modified push up was better than the first day and I hated running just a tiny smidge less than yesterday:)

CG - Day 3 Environment

When I was “thinking” about coming to CG…for like 3 or 4 months…yes, it took me that long to get brave enough to come and try it out…I was really curious what the environment was like and if the more advanced people would be brought down by the newbie.  So, I took a picture of where we met today…it is in a metal building that leads to the parking lot for us to run…since it is colder outside right now.  You find your spot, listen to the trainer and then usually partner or group up with others…which gives you the opportunity to meet other people there.  The neatest part is that they really do model the theme “better together” that I saw on one of their shirts.  Everyone is definitely FOR you and wants you to succeed!

The best part is that two of my friends were there today.  Karen, who was there yesterday, but I saw do a few things that were pretty amazing today!  And Azu, who is my sweet friend that gifted me with the free camp this month:)  Azu is so strong and has been doing CG for many years.  She even brought her daughter Savannah to work out with her today.  It makes it so much easier to go when you know your friend is going to be there pushing alongside you:)

Maybe tonight I won’t be quite as sore…here’s hoping!

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    1. Thank you Azu! Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to “try” out CG:) And believing that I could do it!

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