My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 6

CG - Day 6

After a great weekend, we were back today for Day 6 of Camp Gladiator.  Some of the butterflies came back today when I got there…and some of the thoughts that I was worried I might not be able to do the workout.  A buddy decided to come join me, a friend, Rachel…and that was fun to encourage someone else that is where I was last week:)

We got started and Kevin and Jessie were ready for us to work today!  The second week is suppose to work on your balance and coordination…they have a word for it, but I can’t remember it right now:)  But, we started out with a LOT of cardio…running…push ups, squats and slamming the sand bags.  I am not sure why the first part with the running is so difficult, but it just takes some time to get started and moving.  After the first section, I was already warmed up and taking off layers…and catching my breath!

The next part was a little different, we did 2 different mat exercises and then more sandbags and jump rope.  Each of the mat exercises were a little too advanced for me, but Jessie and Kevin are always helpful to modify a more “success option” as they call it.  I decided to try the 8 lb weights today instead of the 5 lb like last week and boy did I feel it…whew!  It took a little while to figure out the best way to do the mat exercises, but the outside work was pretty straight forward.  I pushed through the slamming of the sand bags and then tried the jump rope…but kept tripping on it.  My friend Azu was there and she jumped up and down like a jump rope, but without the rope.  I tried that and was able to get through the 50…but it got my heart pumping and it took me a little bit to catch my breath.

We did one more 3 exercise rotation…with more sand bags and jumping rope…and then we finished.  Honestly I felt like I could do a few things better than the first day last week…but man did I get a work out…so much sweating!  I know that it will take time for my body to start showing changes, but I am super excited about the potential!  See you tomorrow for another workout update:)

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