My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 7

CG - Day 7 Today was a great day to do Camp Gladiator, it was finally sunny outside!  It was pretty warm too…like take off layers kind of warm:)  This week has revealed how much I have to fight my mental thoughts and choose not to get discouraged.  Functional week (that’s what they call it) is all about doing exercises that help with everyday tasks you do and do help with your balance, etc.  Today we started off with the “warm up”…aka…lots of running to get warm:)  Which is true and helpful…and someday I hope to be able to jog the entire time:)  Then we moved to the main part of workout which consisted of 4 stations with 3 different exercises that you do for 6+ minutes and then switch.  Some of them were pretty difficult, but the variety is nice!  That is one of the things that I like most about Camp Gladiator…you may not love what you are doing right at that time…but it will probably change in the next 1-10 minutes:)

The mental part for me to battle was those thoughts of how far I have to go in order to just be able to do the “success option” that they show the group…versus having to have a modification for most of the exercises.  Or being able to do more of the cardio without having to stop so much…so I can leave the workout and feel like I wish I could have done more!  But, then I think about the fact that last week I couldn’t do barely ANYTHING and even though I have a long journey ahead of me…I am 7 days closer than I was:)

Super thankful for friends today!  It is so fun to walk this journey with others around you encouraging you:)  How is your journey going?  I would love to hear!

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