My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 9

I was a little worried about going to camp today after such a rough day yesterday, but pushed through and went:)  Today was weight day.  I walked up to camp and there were at least 5 of my buddies…which was really encouraging:)  We started out with the “warm up” which means running and some other exercises included to get your muscles warm.  Then we did individual mat work that worked on arms, legs and balance at the same time.  Today was very different from yesterday in the fact that we worked on our own…which was good.  It is still such a process to learn all the different moves and add the balance aspect this week.  So…a better day!

The scary part was that Allyson was kind enough to “preview” week 3 (Interval week)…which was a little scary!  We had to do side shuffles for like 60 seconds (or something) as fast as we could…rest while our partner went and then do it again!  It was crazy hard and made my heart pump like crazy.  To say that I am nervous about next week is an understatement…but, we shall push through:)

I really appreciate all of your encouragement during this journey!  I have been overwhelmed by all of the awesome comments and feel like there are so many cheering me on.  Thanks so much!

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