Austin, Camp Gladiator Headquarters and 1st birthdays

Camp Gladiator Headquarters

Since Kevin was so sweet to let me go early on Friday to finish out my 20th camp…he decided to look up a camp in Austin and take my brother in law Brett with him.  How cool is it that with our membership, we can attend any camp if they have one in the area:)  I also found out that Saturdays are open for friends to come and try it out!  Kevin and Brett said that their workout was tough and their trainer was super nice and so helpful.  Sounds like the Camp Gladiator organization really strives to multiply the same culture wherever the camp is located.

We had heard that Camp Gladiator was started in Austin and that there was a store there that we could purchase some items without having to pay the shipping.  We decided to try and make a stop to get a new mat and maybe some other items.  Sadly, they only had one mat and one t-shirt that was my size…but the place was pretty amazing!  I wish that we had a location like that here in the DFW area.  It was a really big and pretty with lots of space to do all kinds of workouts including a boxing room!!  Outside there is an obstacle course and a lot of other things.  We were the crazy ones that stood out front to get our picture in front of the building…ha!  But, we can say that we have been to headquarters!!

Magnolia Market - Fixer Upper - Waco

On our way to Austin, we made a quick stop in Waco to see the very popular Magnolia Market Silos.  Kevin and I really love to watch Fixer Upper on the weekends together and always find new fun ideas to work on in our current or future dream home.  Since we had a little time, we thought we should stop by and see what everyone has been talking about.  It is a very pretty location with a lawn and quite a few food trucks to choose a treat.  We had a crepe and it was delicious!  The silos are fun to see in person and the store was nice…there are lots of cute things inside and a back room with sale items.  I happened to find some cute letters to put in our new school room, a sign to put out so people will not ring the doorbell when my kiddos are sleeping and of course a Magnolia T-shirt!  We didn’t make it to HARP Design Co., but it was a nice and pretty break in the trip to Austin.  If you happen to be near Waco, take a little break and stop by.

Benjamin 1st Birthday

Lastly, the reason that we were in Austin was to attend my sweet nephew Benjamin’s 1st Birthday!  My only sister Jamie and her husband Brett live in Austin and their sweet little Benjamin was turning 1.  I can’t believe he is already 1…he is the cutest little thing and has the best smile!  My sister did an awesome job with all his decorations and made all of them.  She had some really cool banners that she sewed together, some amazing cupcake toppers with Benjamin’s face on them and even a pretty picture with all 12 of his monthly pictures.  She did such a great job and it was so fun to be there to celebrate.  I think Benjamin really loved his cake too…once he got a few tastes he went in for some big bites!

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