My Camp Gladiator Experience: Bold Week

Camp Gladiator 1 Bold Week - Not So Crunchy Mom

The way that Camp Gladiator works is that you have 4 weeks of workout and then 1 week of “recovery”.  There are limited workouts and they are only available to BOLD members.  This camp they offered a bunch of different types of workouts.  There was boxing, zumba, pilates, power yoga and CG style.  I really wanted to try the boxing workout…because I LOVE Rocky and have always wanted to try boxing:) but it was only offered at 5AM and it was on the other side of the city…so I would have had to get up at like 4AM…which…is just TOO EARLY for this momma!!

I skipped Monday because there weren’t any mid-day options…which felt VERY strange after working out EVERY week day for 4 weeks!  I felt like I was cheating or something.  But, it was also nice to not have to go anywhere that day…plus I had a 3 year old princess to get all of her birthday party decorations finished.  Kevin went to the early workout and tried out power yoga…he said it was different:)

Tuesday I went to the mid-day option and tried to attempt to do Pilates…yikes!  I have to admit that a month ago I wouldn’t have even shown up to try a pilates work out…but all my buddies were going to be there…and I figured…why not?  Well, it was pretty awkward and we had to get into some strange positions…and I couldn’t do some of them very well.  The crazy thing is that we didn’t use any weights and just using your arms or legs starts to hurt REAL fast!  It was pretty interesting and I was more sore than I thought I would be.  I don’t think I will be signing up for Pilates anytime soon, but it was a fun experiment.

Wednesday was the only day that Zumba was offered and it was at 5:30AM:)  My buddy Karen wanted to try it and so I said I would meet her there.  Kevin was nice enough to sleep in a little and let me take the early shift:)  Well, I thought Zumba would be fun and that I would do an okay job since I felt like I had a little rhythm and was sort of coordinated…I think I am going to have reconsider because I did a REALLY poor job!  The instructor was difficult to hear and I didn’t always catch her instructions…so I was always a little behind.  I know this…thinking that hard at 5:30AM is just not the best idea!  The funny thing is that when I got home I checked my step count and it was like 5500…and I told Kevin it was probably counting every time I shuffled my feet…which was SO MANY TIMES!!

Thursday was the normal time and I thought it was going to be CG style with Allyson.  But, there were two trainers that were training to be certified.  I have to admit I was a little sad…I have gotten used to Allyson and was looking forward to a regular workout.  Oh well, we pressed on and worked through a pretty tough workout.  I didn’t push myself too hard though, since it was recovery week and my right ankle started to bother me a little bit.  I also wanted to be ready to start on Monday with week 1!

Overall it was a good week, but felt rather strange because of the routine that I had gotten into with going every day.  I did enjoy the few days off though:)  I had a LOT of things to accomplish to prepare for family coming in town and my sweeties 3rd birthday…so the break was nice.  I also tried to rest my ankle and prep my mind to conquer another camp:)

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