My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 1

Camp Gladiator Camp 2 Week1

After a week of resting up…sort of…my Camp Gladiator Experience continued with the start of Camp #2.  The crazy thing is that even though I had accomplished completing Camp #1…I still got nervous to start over at Day 1 of Camp #2.  I am not sure why, but I struggled this week to have the same excitement and desire to go to camp every day…but I still went:)  It was partially due to the fact that I told all of you about it and the other part is that I truly do want this year to be the year that I get stronger!  Nobody said that it was going to be easy or that I would enjoy every step:)

Week one is about endurance…so that normally means a LOT of cardio!  Monday we had the same intern trainers that we had on Thursday at Allyson’s camp.  It was a pretty similar workout to the one we had on Thursday.  It was a lot of weighted exercises with travels in between.  It was tough…and the dreaded side shuffle, suicides and walking lunges made their appearance…some of my LEAST favorites:)  Thankfully my friend Karen was there and we conquered it together!

Tuesday was with Allyson and it was ROUGH!  We were partnered with one other person and basically had to do an exercise while the other person did a traveling exercise starting at 250, 225, 200, 175, 150…etc.  They were all pretty difficult exercises…like push ups, mountain climbers, donkey kicks, lunges, squats, bicycle abs…and the travel was the side shuffle, suicides and taking a lap.  I was having trouble and didn’t feel like I was keeping up with Karen (my partner).  I am trying to figure out how my motivation is met…usually I like to know how many of what is coming…but when the number gets too high…I already feel defeated:(  It is a weird thing…seriously when Allyson said 250 (hard count mind you)…I was like…WHAT???  It will be awesome when I am like some of the other ladies there that just knock those babies out like nothing else!  We made it through…and Karen did AWESOME!!

Wednesday I was on the fence on if I was going to go…but decided to go ahead since it was endurance week and it would give me the option to skip Friday if I needed to.  I got there and was thankful that one of the sweet girls moved out of a group so that I could be in one with a few people that I know:)  Tiffani, Teresa and Jen were in my group.  Those ladies are tough…and they can really push it!  We did a group warm up that we misunderstood and ended up doing way too many push ups and squats than we needed to do…but we got warmed up:)  Then we had to do stations:  Mat work (40 military push ups, 40 squats, 40 abs and 100 jumping jacks…I think), row exercise with bands and sand bag slams, walking lunges around a square of cones and then a fun throw the ball through the corn hole…oh and of course there is a run in between each exercise 🙁  It was a very tough workout, but at the mat I was working on my push ups and then I was kindly reminded that they were suppose to be military…I really didn’t think I could do it…but I pushed though many stops and finished those crazy things!

Thursday was a beautiful day…it felt like spring with the sun out:)  We worked in groups of 3 and 2 of us stayed at our mat and did different weighted exercises while the other person traveled while throwing a sand bell and then doing sand bell slams at the end and then coming back.  I enjoy working in a team, but I was pretty much over sand bells by the time it was all over:)  I again didn’t feel like going, but was super glad that I did…the sunshine, friends and a lot of sweating.  Allyson also took my measurements and body fat percentage to be able to compare next month…so I will be excited to see how that turns out in the up coming months.

Friday I was super tempted to stay home, but my friend Karen told me she was going to come and my Dad was already planning to come and babysit.  Fridays are always harder for me because I am tired from the week.  We did a lot of station work with this workout:  Mat work (20 push ups, 20 suitcase abs), 20 sandbag slams, 20 side shuffles and a run back and forth down the parking lot.  My favorite was the mat work…although I couldn’t do the suitcase abs, so Jessie gave me some great options…which will hopefully help get rid of my extra fluffy mid section:)  We had a intern trainer that did her final training session, so Jessie worked out with us.  And for the first part, I was lucky enough to have her next to me…which makes you work a LOT harder than you would on your own:)  It was a tough workout, but I got through.

Another thing I love about Camp Gladiator is that you have access to certified personal trainers that take the extra time to help you personally.  This week I met with Jessie to start making changes with our nutrition, she sent me ideas to help with my meal planning and worked to help keep me accountable. (more on that soon)  Allyson took time to measure and weigh me for accountability each month.  And each time you work out they are there to help you and make sure you are doing things correctly.  It is really so awesome and I am so thankful for them!

Whew…one week in a post is a little long…I may need to break it out:)  Next week is BUDDY week!!  No matter where you live or where you are in your fitness journey…it is a good time for you to come and visit Camp Gladiator next week!!  Let me know and I will help you find a camp that you can visit…who is with me??

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