My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 2

Camp Gladiator Camp 2 - Week 2

Camp 2 of Camp Gladiator started a little rough…my sweet P had been sick over the weekend and I woke up Monday with a sick stomach.  I decided it was probably better to miss Monday…and I felt really bad because there is a saying in Camp Gladiator…”Never Miss a Monday”.  I spent most of the day relaxing and hoping to be able to be at camp on Tuesday.

Tuesday I went to camp and still wasn’t feeling great.  I started the warm up and got about 10-15 minutes into the work out and was super thankful we were at a place where I could run to a bathroom:)  I missed a little of the explanation, but made it back.  We did a game with our teams and had A LOT of running…but I made it through.  And even though I didn’t feel well or complete the workout as well as I had hoped, I did it!  I think that is an accomplishment alone, because before if I didn’t feel great, I would have made an excuse to stay home.

Tuesday night we had promised our kiddos to take a family bike ride so that I could ride my new bike I got for Valentine’s Day!  My sweet hubby took me to pick out a bike and I just wanted a cute one that wasn’t super hard to ride.  We also happen to find one with a cute basket:)  We had a fun ride and a good time playing at the park.

Wednesday’s workout started out difficult, but in the end I feel like it was a breakthrough day for me.  We had a lot of different exercises to complete and at the end we did a “8 minute run”…which ended up being closer to 10-12 minutes (trainer time).  I admit that I approached the workout with a poor attitude and the run with an even poorer one.  We were doing the last station before the run and we had to lift a weight above our head and walk across the parking lot on our tip toes.  Karen (my buddy) and I were the last ones out there and there were only 40 lbs weights left…40 LBS!!  I was like, what??  Jessie came over and picked it up and handed it to me and said go…she helped walk with me and I shared with her how I couldn’t get past feeling so discouraged.  She asked me what I was feeling…and I said I was angry and she asked why?  I didn’t know exactly why, but mostly because I felt like I still couldn’t do very much.  She encouraged me to use the anger to fuel me to push through and the fact was that I was “doing it”!  Karen piped in and encouraged me as well and said that I was doing it right then!  We finished up and headed for our run and I was able to continue to run the entire time without stopping.  I ran slow…and I was last…but I did it!

Thursday was a better day, it was a beautiful day outside, it was weight day and we didn’t have to run…AT ALL!!!  Yay!!  The Lord just knew that I needed to not have to run:)  Kevin and Jessie got me 10 lb weights when I went BOLD and I did the entire workout with those instead of the 8 lbs:)  I even pushed myself at one exercise and borrowed my friend Erica’s 12 lbs!  And when Allyson gave us the traveling work..I didn’t even hate it…progress people!!

Camp Gladiator Camp 2 - Week 2 sat

Friday was a good day full of tough workouts!  There were a few that I had trouble with, but was able to make modifications to keep up…we got super sweaty though…which oddly makes me feel good now…like I am working hard.  The last station was dragging a fire hose…and I was partnered with my friend Amanda who is super fast…and I kept up with her for the most part.  It was definitely hard…but I felt pretty good about it:)

Lastly, we decided to try Saturday because we had both missed a day…so we wanted to get our 5th day in:)  I was nervous about bringing our kiddos with us, but we decided to try.  Thankfully our friends Karen and her husband Allan, Amanda and her husband Micha and their kids were there as well.  There were A LOT of people there on Saturday and most of the trainers were there too.  It was fun even though we had to run:)  And…wait for it…I was able to do some weighted sit ups…all the way up:)  It might have been on a slight down hill to help…but, hey…I am counting it!

Whew…another week down!  Next week is HIIT week…it brings fear to me…High Intensity anything stresses me a little…but, I am praying for better results than last camp and a good attitude!!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me…I am thankful for all your support!!

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