My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 3

Camp Gladiator CAMP 2 - WEEK 3

I can’t believe it is already Week 3 of the second camp:)  Week 3 is HIIT week…which is High Intensity Interval Training…which messes with my head and makes me feel like I am not going to be able to do it!  But, I approached this week with trying to maintain a good attitude and just try harder than I did last camp:)

Camp Gladiator -Camp-2---Week-3-wheel-of-pain

Monday, we hit it hard with Kevin and Jessie:)  We showed up and there was this crazy contraption set up…some might call it the “torture wheel”, “wheel of death” or “wheel or pain”…either way…it looked a little scary to me!  We were in groups of 4 and we each did different exercises for 2 minutes and then we switched.  2 of us did high intensity and the other 2 were more resting exercises.  One set of rounds we did mat work and the other one we had to use the “wheel of pain”…we had to do a burpee in each section and then jump over the pole.  We had a really high step, so I ended up stepping over mine…and I am still working on my burpee form 🙁  We pushed through and finished our round.  We had to do them each twice.  The mat work included a weighted sit up where you touch your toes…and I was able to sit up people!!!  What??  I literally had to have Jessie come over and watch to show her how I was able to do it.  So exciting that those core muscles might be waking up in there 🙂

Tuesday,  we were inside again because it rained like CRAZY here!  We had a guest trainer who is an intern.  It is always a little difficult when it is a trainer that you don’t know very well, I always want to be welcoming…but it is hard when you have just begun to trust the trainers you have been working with:)  I was with my two friends Amanda and Kara and they are SUPER CG people!  They always do the exercises to the max and I am not even close to being able to do that…but they are always SO sweet and encouraging to me.  We had a few sets of 3 different exercises that we did together.  It was difficult, but good.

Wednesday, I skipped working out…oh no!  So, thankfully my Dad has been kind enough to watch my kiddos on Monday / Friday so I can go to camp.  On Tuesday / Thursday they are in school and that leaves Wednesday.  I have been paying a babysitter to watch my kiddos on Wednesday.  The third week is hard work and I thought I would try a day off in the middle to see how that made me feel for the rest of the week…and I could save a little money by not having to pay a sitter 🙂  It is weird because I feel like I am doing something wrong by not going 5 days…but it was an amazing day on Wednesday that I got SO much done at home.  We finished school early and then we tackled the house…and I ended up pushing through to clean our whole house…and got over 7500 steps:)  That means I either worked really hard or my house was TOO messy…ha!

Thursday, we were back outside for camp with Allyson.  It was a sunny day and beautiful outside.  I got there a little late and we needed to hook up with a buddy.  My buddy wasn’t able to come and most of my friends were already partnered up…so I got to partner with a new person.  Her name was Katy and she was really nice.  I always get a little nervous when I am with someone that I don’t know because I never want them to feel like I am holding them back from getting their full workout.  We had multiple rounds of doing 100 reps of exercises as buddies…like weighted squat presses.  So, I would do 10 and then she would do 10 and so on until we hit 100.  Then we had a choice between sand bell slams or fire hose slams…I prefer fire hose slams because they are way more fun.  After that we were suppose to take a lap and then start on the next exercise.  They were good exercises, but again with the numbers…plus a few burpees at the end (that I didn’t always do).  I really enjoy the weighted exercises…I just need to get my head around the traveling exercises…like running or sand bells or burpees, etc.

Friday, our awesome trainers Kevin and Jessie were in Austin with some of the new trainers that are launching soon.  We had a guest trainer named Justin.  He was very serious and I was a little worried after he pointed out some peoples form being wrong…but I had decided to push through on Friday no matter the circumstances.  We did a bunch of exercises that I had never done before and played a few games.  There were some that I couldn’t do and had to ask for “success options”, but overall it was a pretty fun workout.  And a good finish to a good 3rd week.

Lastly, CG launched an update on their app that shows the leaderboard for camps attended YTD, Yearly and Current Camp.  Surprisingly enough I was on the YTD list at 109!  Crazy!

I am learning that the battle to pushing through and getting better is mostly mental…and I need to work on believing I can do more and not being afraid.  So next week is the hardest week and I have already started to try and overcome those thoughts of “not being able to do it” or “not feeling strong enough”.  I pray that as these weeks go on I hope that my journey encourages you to push past some areas that you feel like you “can’t do” or are worried about looking silly!  What are you going to push through this week to be stronger??

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