My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 4

Camp Gladiator - Camp 2 Week 4

Week 4 of Camp Gladiator started off a little different.  It was Leap Day on Monday, so we planned a little family day outing to celebrate.  We visited Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  We had a blast and I will be doing a review in one of the next few posts:)  I decided to go to a different camp that evening so that I didn’t miss.  It was a camp with Allyson, although we had two new “intern” trainers.  The workout was great, but I realized that evenings (and change) are MUCH harder for me.  I was tired from the day, it was a different group of people, we got split in groups where I was separated from Amanda (who came with me) and it was two new trainers that I didn’t know and we were in a parking lot that had a hill and a LOT OF RUNNING!  I was trying to be good with everything, but after not being able to do a couple of things that they mentioned, I lost it and had my second break down of CG:(  I literally went on my “run” and cried the entire time.  I feel so silly sharing that with you guys, but I want to share my whole journey…and sometimes it is not very pretty.  I pulled myself together and completed the rest of the workout.

Tuesday we were at camp with one of the same “intern” trainers and we did a very similar workout.  3 exercises at the mat with running at the end…on repeat.  I had a better attitude today and pushed through and tried to be encouraging.  We had to do sprints in front of pretty much the whole group at the end of the workout…I was a little scared, but just tried my best!

Wednesday I woke up in a funny mood and wasn’t really feeling it.  I showed up at camp and there was a “sub” trainer because Kevin and Jessie were out of town.  She threw us all off by telling us that we should bring our weights…and saying that as a sub her job is to make the workout harder 🙁  I have to admit that my attitude was not very accepting or excited…then she shared her workout…which was listed out on a white board and had A LOT OF NUMBERS…one of which was like 200 high knees!  As I have mentioned…big numbers of reps and the whole workout in one fell swoop…although it helps me know what is going to happen (which I usually like), but makes me feel an immediate feeling of overwhelming, defeat and “I can’t do that” 🙁  It is crazy how just those numbers can do that!  Mid way through the workout I realized it wasn’t as “hard” as I thought…and that my attitude was unacceptable:(  I apologized to a few of my camper friends for having such a bad attitude and they were sweet and said that it was okay.

Thursday we had a great workout with weights and I was in a much better mood.  I don’t know what it is about being with friends in the sunshine…and maybe knowing that I wasn’t going to have to run as much:)  It helped me feel better and push through the workout:)

Friday I was without childcare and decided to take the day off…so we got lots of things done at the house and ready for the weekend:)

I forgot to mention that Allyson re-checked my weight and measurements on Thursday after workout.  She had measured me last camp around the same time and it looks like I have lost an inch or two…but gained 2 lbs according to her scale:(  I know that I have not been going great with my nutrition, but I was a little sad about it…but, I am not going to dwell…I will press on and start making plans for changes in my nutrition!

How is you goal going?  We are two months in…are you still working on it??  I want to hear:)

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