My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3 – Week 1

Camp Gladiator Camp 3 - Week 1 - Not So Crunchy Mom

After a week off from working out, I was a back to nervousness arriving at the first week of Camp 3.  Last week was Bold week which is where you get workouts for just Bold members…but a lot of our trainers were out of town for Spring Break so there weren’t very many options at times I could attend.  I also had my oldest on Spring Break and we made the most of the two days by ourselves.

Camp 3 started Monday at a new location, we moved to the parking lot of a nearby church.  It was really nice outside, so that was nice.  The only sad part is that the parking lot is MUCH larger and is a hill…so the running was much harder:(  We started Monday with a “sub” trainer Monica. My littles had spring break this week and my Dad was out of town…so I took my kiddos with me.  They did pretty good and even wanted to run and workout with me.  I have to admit that I was pretty stressed with managing them and the workout…but it was SUPER motivating to have my little 3 year old trying to work out with me.  The workout was pretty good and a great way to get back into it.

Tuesday we had two new intern trainers that were working on some of their last workouts.  We worked at our mats and did exercises and then ran EVERY TIME we finished our exercise.  Let’s just say…there was SO MUCH RUNNING!!  It was fun to have variety, but I have to admit I was a little discouraged…I mean, I was hoping that we could do something a little different than run every time…it gets a little boring. (not that I don’t need all the work I can get on my running)

Wednesday we were back at the church with two other intern trainers.  We did a bunch of different exercises with travels in between.  I enjoyed the mat work, but seem to be having a little problem with some of the “normal” exercises…mountain climbers, burpees and inch worms…but I tried the best I could.  We also had to run up hill and pretty far for the travels…but there was some variety.

Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day and it was kind of stormy.  We worked in partners to do weighted exercises while our partner did traveling work.  It was fun and I always enjoy weight days.  We ended with relays as team, it always stresses me out when they say that word…because it brings all those fears of holding people back and keeping them behind.  I pushed myself to do the best I could and didn’t hold them back too much.  We finished up and ended up winning!

Friday I ended up skipping because I had my kiddos with me all week and did I forget to mention I was potty training my youngest this week too??  So, we stayed home and spent time together relaxing.

One thing that is a little surprising to me is that it is still so difficult.  I definitely feel better and stronger…but I can’t wait until my endurance and running is even better!  I know that part of that is that my nutrition has been very poor the past week or two:(  I really gotta get that all in order and make some good changes!

See you next week!

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