My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3 – Week 2

Camp Gladiator Camp 3 - Week 2 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Camp Gladiator #3 – Week 2 was a little different this camp.  Usually we do “functional training”, but they decided to do a little more Strength and Agility.  Monday, we started with a lot of ladder work, which is best if you can jump…but I am not quite there yet.  I can move my feet decently, so I just did that…In, In, Out, Out…over and over….and maybe a little side to side.  We also did mat work (squat with press, I think), while our partner did the ladders.  Then we switched with our other partners and did running with a high intensity activity (fast jacks or high knees) and the other person did a weighted exercise (chest press or bent over rows).  I had to battle my mental feelings of focusing on what I couldn’t do versus what I CAN do now.

Tuesday and Thursday we continued to work on our strength and agility.  We got to do more ladders and I was introduced to the shuffle box.  Allyson talked about how it was something she was familiar with from PE in school or something…but, I never remember doing that at all…but I also disliked PE so much…I probably forgot. 🙂  We did mat work while our partner was doing that traveling work.  I have learned I really like doing most of the weighted workouts…for some reason it make me feel like I am getting stronger when I am lifting the weights:)

Wedding Anniversary 12

Friday was a special day for us:)  Mine and Kevin’s 12 year wedding anniversary fell on Easter  Sunday this year, so I found a deal for us to stay overnight in a local hotel for a quick 24 hour getaway.  My parents were nice enough to keep our 3 kiddos so we could have all of Friday and half a day Saturday to celebrate.  We started this anniversary unlike ANY other anniversary before…we went to CG Camp together!  It was a pretty rough workout, but it was amazing to have my hubby with me through out it.  We did a LOT of running activities for the “game” for fun Friday and then we had 4 stations to do:  box steps and tricep dips, battle rope slams, run with the fire hose and doing abs with the roller boards.  It was A LOT and hard, but they are actually some of my favorite workouts because it goes by really quickly and you feel like you have accomplished a ton!  Best of all, I love to spend time with my cute hubby and having him there with me was great!  Jessie even got a video of us running with the fire hose…I have to admit, I think I look pretty silly running…but it is good to have to compare to a few months from now:)  Camp Gladiator Camp 3 – Week 2 video with Kevin

Now on to Week 3…HIIT week…always causes a nervousness in me:)



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