My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3 – Week 3

Camp Gladiator Camp 3 - Week 3 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Camp Gladiator Camp 3 – Week 3 began on Monday with one of the hardest workouts that we have done at camp in a very long time.  It consisted of two super bad words…BEAR CRAWLS!!  I had never really heard of Bear Crawls before CG and once I did…they strike fear in me:)  So we began with warm up and then ran a lap to get our group numbers so that we would be with someone close to the same level.  Then it began…one person bear crawled forward to the cone that seemed like FOREVER away…and you had to try and keep a cone balanced on your back while bear crawling.  The other person did a weighted exercise at the mat.  Then next time we had to do bear crawls BACKWARDS….then the last time we had to do them SIDEWAYS!  Let’s just say it was the third time that I cried at CG…silly I know, but this journey brings out all the emotions.  I am still working with exactly what causes me to get so discouraged…but I talked with my awesome encouragers…my buddy Karen and my trainer Jessie.  They reminded me that I am making progress even if I can always see it:)  I also hit my 50th check in!!  I can’t believe it!!

Tuesday I did my best to approach the workout with a more positive outlook.  We had some running exercises to warm up.  Then we got in groups of 3 and we each had exercises to do…one stable/resting exercising, one moving exercise at the mat and SPRINTS.  I have to admit that I pushed myself pretty hard and was able to do better than I thought with the sprints.

Thursday we were in groups and did a little “game”.  We all had weighted mat exercises while one of them traveled, ran and threw a sand bell into the hoola hoop to get points.  The weighted exercises first round were shoulder exercises, the second round was abs and the last round was thrusters and lunges ( I think).

Friday’s workout started with a really difficult “death by sprinting”.  We had a distance between cones about 10 yards…we had a minute to get back and forth 6 times…then whatever time we had left in one minute we get to rest…then start again with 7 times…and so on until we couldn’t make it in the minute.  I think I made it to 12…which was more than I thought I could…and there were two ladies that did 17!!  It was really difficult, but kind of fun to see how I could do.  Then we did some mat exercises and played a game where we had to try and get the sandbag past the cones at the end of the parking lot.

Lastly, I added a little picture of my favorite breakfast smoothie:)  Sometimes I have trouble with breakfast and I don’t usually like protein smoothies, but Balance Complete is the first one that I really like.  Young Living is a company that I love and appreciate that all their products are made of good things…plus this one taste wonderful:)  Let me know if you would like to try some!

Next week is week 4!!  And Fight Gone Bad is back!!

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