Summer Movies 2016 – Keller / North Fort Worth

Summer Movies 2016 Keller North Fort Worth - Not So Crunchy Mom

So, you are so excited about the thoughts of summer…no alarm, no packing lunches, not as hectic of a schedule…lots of time for swimming and fun, right? ¬†And then day 1 your kiddos start arguing and don’t want to play with the MILLIONS of options they have to play with…probably just my kids ūüôā ¬†And then you think…what am I going to do to help keep everyone happy over the next 2-3 months? ¬†I have one option for your schedule…SUMMER MOVIES!

Here is the North Fort Worth area / Keller area, we have some movie theaters that have some pretty cheap options for the summer. ¬†It can be a little overwhelming trying to figure out what will work with your schedule…so I have helped you out with a free printable of the schedule for the nearest theaters to us. ¬†Don’t worry…if you are not in our area, I will have links for you to see if any of these theaters have options wherever you live!

  1. ¬† The Movie House¬†– Locations in Keller, Austin, Flower Mound¬†and sometime soon McKinney. ¬†They have a FREE summer camp at each of these locations. ¬†The movie is on Tuesday and tickets are available at 9am – first come, first serve. ¬†I believe the movie begins at 10am. ¬†We will be attending this week so I will have a better understanding of how it works:) ¬†I am hoping that I don’t get my kiddos all excited to go and then they run out of tickets ūüôĀ
  2. Harkins Theater РLocations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma and Texas.  They have Summer Movie Fun which is 10 movies for 10 weeks.  You can purchase a ticket for all 10 for $6 or you can just pay $1 per movie that you go to.  The movies are played at 9:45 AM every day Monday РFriday.  They have kids snack packs that are pretty good, but you can also purchase a loyalty t-shirt for $25 and get a free medium popcorn (or pay $1 to upgrade to a large) for each time to come to the movies.  They have MANY theaters open with the movie, but it is always good to get there early enough to get a good spot.
  3. ¬† Cinemark TheaterLocations all over USA. ¬†They offer a Summer Clubhouse at participating locations. You can purchase a ticket for all 10 movies for $5 or pay $1 per movie. ¬†All movies start at 9AM and they play Monday – Thursday. ¬†I haven’t ever been to this one because this is the first summer that it is available in our area. ¬†Again, I will let you know how it all turns out:)

I also included the movies that are available at the Keller Summer Nights.  These are outside at the local town center.  For more details, visit here.

I hope you find one that will work for your family!  Let me know what you think and maybe we will see you there:)  There is a link below for the downloadable PDF as well.

Summer Movies 2016 - Keller/North Fort Worth - Not So Crunchy Mom

Your PDF for Summer Movies 2016 РKeller : North Fort Worth РNot So Crunchy Mom

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