Slique Challenge 2015: Day 1 Checklist

Here we are…Day 1of our Slique Challenge 2015!  For those of you that are joining us in this journey, we are excited to be doing this together:)  For those that are just checking it out to see what is going on…we are excited to share the journey with you!  Here is a quick check list to get us started for Day 1…for those of you in our Every Day Oily Matters group…don’t forget to check the link in our Facebook group to get your numbers in to qualify for all the great prizes!!  Let’s get started!!

Not So Crunchy Mom - Slique Challenge 2015 - Day 1 Checklist

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Slique Challenge 2015: Weekly Plan and Grocery List

We are 2 days away from the beginning of the Slique Challenge 2015!  I have to admit that I am not as prepared as I would like to be, but I always work better under pressure anyway:))  I got to spend an overnight with hubby to start fresh for the New Year and we spent a few hours at a book store so he could finish a book for his new job (yay!  more on that later) and I could make our week 1 plan!

First, I wanted an easy way to remember when to use what product in the Slique program.  I work better with lists or visual reminders…how about you?  So, I created this daily plan.  Since I am doing the entire plan, I included all the products…if you are just doing some of the plan you are welcome to make changes that will work best for you.  Just click on the link under to download an editable word document:)

Not So Crunchy Mom Slique Challenge 2015 Daily Product Plan

Slique Challenge 2015 Daily Product Plan Template

Next was the hard part…the food plan!  Am I the only one that sort of dreads creating the weekly food plan…but knows how much it helps and really is the KEY to SUCCESS!  My plan is a little different because I have to include my entire family.  Although none of them are going to be using the Slique products (because my hubby just finished losing 50+ lbs and I don’t want him to blow away 🙂  and my kiddos will have enough of a challenge with the food changes).  I work better when everything is on one page…so, you will notice that I created our plan for the week in a one page format that includes all products that I will be using, options for Breakfast, Lunch and snacks (not specifics per day because I work better with options) and a dinner plan for 7 days (again, not a specific commitment to that day, but options:)).

Not So Crunchy Mom - Slique Challenge  -Weekly Detail Plan

Not So Crunchy Mom - Weekly Grocery List

Slique Challenge Weekly Plan Details – BLANK

Now it is your turn to get your plan ready!  You can use the document link above to download a blank form similar to mine, or I made one that is more of a weekly format that you can use in a blank format as well:)

Slique Challenge - Weekly Plan Blank

Slique Challenge Weekly Grocery Plan - BLANK

Slique Challenge Weekly Plan and Grocery List – BLANK

You can click the link and use the word document to create your very own weekly plan!  Now, get started and let me know what are some of the meals on your weekly plan:)

Don’t forget, it is NEVER too late to start and you can join our 60 day challenge whenever you would like…comment or email me at if you would like more information on joining the Slique Challenge 2015 or Young Living Essential Oils.

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The Best Whole 30ish / Paleo Coffee I Have Found :)

Something that has been hard for me from the beginning of this Whole 30 journey is COFFEE!  You see, I am not addicted to coffee because I NEED it to wake up, it is more something that I love to drink in the morning just because it makes me feel comfy cozy and HAPPY!  You know…like it makes me think about a day when hubby and I will sit on the porch and drink coffee together reading the paper (if they still have those then).  When we started Whole 30…we started trying SO many different things to see if I could find a cup that I enjoyed drinking:)

not-so-crunchy-mom-madhava-coconut-sugar I tried it black…BLAH!!!!  I tried it with some canned coconut milk (that is the best kind, BTW) because “they” said it would taste good and sweet…BLAH! (although my hubby liked it this way)  I tried it with honey (post whole 30)…with agave, which was pretty good…but still not great.  I even tried a little dairy creamer every once in awhile to really enjoy my coffee.  Well, I was reading in one Paleo cookbook at Barnes and Noble on a date night with my cute hubby:)  (yes…we usually go to bookstores on date nights…because we both are book collectors!)  Anyway, in the cookbook it talked about coconut sugar and I mentioned it to hubby…he happened to find the Madhava brand at Walmart and people….it is WONDERFUL!

not-so-crunchy-mom-madhava-vanilla-syrup He also found some Madhava Organic Vanilla Syrup at HEB in Austin with no super bad stuff (that I know of…I am still new to this) in it.  And lastly…So Delicious, dairy free coconut milk creamer!!  I no-so-crunchy-mom-so-delicious-coconut-milk-creamer know…you might say…wow, that is a lot of things to put in your coffee!!  But, let me just say, I don’t ALWAYS put ALL of them in…but the combo of a little coconut sugar and coconut creamer is wonderful!  And on special days…add the syrup:)  Either way, it is better than dairy and real sugar, right?  Finally I look forward to my coffee…that I drink to make me feel cozy.  It truly doesn’t make me have more energy…THAT I get from my Ningxia Red (Ninja) Juice🙂

What is your favorite way to drink your coffee??

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Not So Crunchy Mom and Baby Steps Team – 30 Days of Red Challenge

We at Not So Crunchy Mom are joining in the first annual Baby Steps 30 Days of Red Challenge!


We are declaring war on the “sick season” that hits with school starting and everyone returning to enclosed spaces again. We say down with the runny noses and coughs and up with our immunity! How, you ask? In the most delicious way possible.

NINGXIA RED!! (or as we call it at our house “Ninja Juice”…can you tell I have little boys that love Ninjago :))


Look at all the great stuff that it has in it:

  • more beta carotene than carrots
  • more vitamin C than oranges
  • 18 amino acids
  • 21 trace minerals
  • 6 essential fatty acids
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B6
  • Vitamin E

How:  Enter the Challenge Here

When:  August 15 – September 15

What do I do: Drink 2 ounces of Ningxia Red daily (bonus points for a minimum of 64 ounces of water) AND download the calendar to log each day’s Ningxia Red (and bonus 64 ounces of water)

What to expect: 

  • Sustained energy
  • Minimized sugar cravings
  • Improved vision
  • Balanced blood sugar
  • Detox
  • Weight loss (add a few drops of grapefruit oil to water and each shot of Ningxia for best results)
  • An immune boost

Supplies you will need:  60 ounces of Ningxia Red to compete (roughly two bottles plus a few pouches [bottles are 25 ounces/each] or a 30-pack of Ningxia Pouches).

Ningxia Red can be purchased as an Essential Rewards Kit with 4-bottles and 30 packets for $1.07/ounce. Consider splitting an ER pack with 2 friends or family members and all of you can share the kit and compete! 

If you are a part of the Not So Crunchy Mom / Baby Steps Team:  You qualify to be entered in the Baby Steps to Essential Oils drawing for a surprise gift! (Hint: rhymes with “shing-sha”)! Get your whole family on board and get everyone’s immune system up to snuff before school launches – earn a raffle entry for each family member who competes! To be enrolled in the Baby Steps drawing a photo of a completed calendar log must be emailed to Enroll in the Challenge here and we’ll send you reminders and encouragement along the way!

not-so-crunchy-mom-young-living-Ningxia-Red-Bottle Bonus:  Win from Not So Crunchy Mom by sharing this post and taking the challenge!

If you are NOT a part of the Not So Crunchy Mom / Baby Steps Team:  You can qualify for a special giveaway of 1 – 750ml bottle of Ningxia Red a $44.08 retail value!  You can send the completed calendar log to by September 17th:) 

If you are unable to compete in the Red Challenge, then join us in the Water Challenge – our goal is 64 ounces/day (does not include juice/tea/coffee – just pure, clean, H2O!)



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What do you do after you finish Whole 30?

So it has been over a week since the big reveal!  And you have put yourself out there for everyone in the world to see:)  You can imagine there is a little intimidation in figuring out how you are going to eat for the “next 300+ days” to keep progressing with your journey to better health!  Well…I have to admit I am not sure yet 🙂  It is such a journey to figure out what is a good balance, but that you can still see good results!

not-so-crunchy-mom-post-whole-30-coffee The first week, we were still pretty strict except that I added a little honey or stevia and coconut french vanilla creamer to my coffee and a couple of other things through out the week.  I didn’t stress so much about the less than 2% sugar in the all natural bacon, lunch meat and hot dogs.  Other than that, we kept pretty close to the plan.

After about a week, we went on our very first date night…and we “splurged” a little!  Hubby had ribs that were marinated in Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce with veggies and slaw…he said that they were AMAZING!  I got a wood fire grilled steak (I love red meat) with mashed potatoes (I thought I took a picture…but I guess it didn’t come through)  We even had a small appetizer of bacon wrapped jalapenos!  We splurged…but didn’t go crazy…and it was worth it!

not-so-crunchy-mom-coconut-bliss.jpg Then we stopped by Central Market to see what kind of “gluten / dairy free” treats they had available.  We found some cookies, but then we found….wait for it…coconut milk ICE CREAM!!  It was a great brand called Coconut Bliss and it only had coconut milk and agave as the ingredients.  It seems like forever since we have had a treat like that…and IT WAS SUPER TASTY!  Even better we got to eat it out on the patio of Central Market and enjoy live music…and it was super cool because of the random cold front we had in Texas…such a crazy weather year!

Other than our date, I have had some peanut butter (because I have yet to find almond butter that I like), organic fruit rope, a little regular ketchup and we tried two different kinds of gluten free pancakes.  I have to admit that they weren’t my favorite, but it was nice to have a change in pace:)

not-so-crunchy-mom- whole-30-what-now

So…to answer the question that I have heard the most…what are you doing now…or are you still sticking to the plan?  The answer is YES…most of the time!  I have to admit that I have had harder days SINCE our Whole 30 ended.  I am trying to figure out if it is because we have added the sugar back in or if my will power is decreasing?  Either way, I feel myself “letting” myself “get away” with too many things that I wouldn’t have a few weeks ago.

Now…we have a decision to make…will we start another Whole 30?  We ARE going to start our cleanse (I talked about this a little while back here).  And we are going to add in a few SPECIAL extras to prep for the fall season to boost our immune systems 🙂

What do you think?  Should we go for all 3 and get a full boost before the fall season kicks in??  Who wants to join us??!! (Leave me a comment below and let me know if you want to join us on our next adventure:)

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You have been patient…and SO have we!  I can’t really even believe that our first 30 days are over…and that I stuck to ALL the rules INCLUDING not weighing myself THE ENTIRE TIME!!!  You see, I have done SO many diets and always weigh myself (maybe multiple times a day)…but I really loved the fact that I didn’t have to worry about the emotions of weighing myself and being happy OR sad because I hadn’t lost from the day before.  My hubby was a BIG help with this because we basically weighed ourselves and then he took the scale and originally I thought he threw it away (because we need a new one)…but later I found out that he hid it in the garage somewhere 🙂

Well…the results are in…Christie (NSCM) results after the first Whole 30:


Weight Loss:  19.5 LBS                                 Inches Lost:  11 3/4 INCHES

I wish I was brave to put my before beginning weight and after weight…but I am not quite there yet 🙂 (baby steps)  Really it is crazy that I am putting up these pics of myself…specifically the “Before” pic…which I guess I was going for that really sad, yucky look…I don’t know why I didn’t smile or pick a better outfit!!  And when I put them next to each other I told my hubby that I couldn’t really tell that big of difference…but, he pointed out the small changes that are starting to show up!  I can’t wait to see more results as the next 30, 60, 90….days go by 🙂

I really tried not to get my expectations too high on how much weight I would lose…and I was really pleasantly surprised!  I don’t think I have ever lost almost 20 lbs in a month in my whole life:)  And the best part…we didn’t use any “fake” foods, pills, drinks, shakes, whatever….just REAL FOOD!!  It makes me so happy to think about what this does to change our family for the better with our health 🙂

Kevin’s results after the first Whole 30:


Weight Loss:  26 LBS                                 Inches Lost:  7 1/2 INCHES

Here is my wonderful and super handsome hubby!  He did AWESOME!  He stuck to the plan, took his lunch and huge water bottle to work with him each day.  He came home and helped me prepare dinner.  On the weekends he would go shopping with me (and our 3 children) and help me unload and prep for the week.  He is truly amazing and it made a HUGE difference that he did the Whole 30 with me.  His results were so AMAZING!  After 3 weeks he could wear a smaller shirt because his mid section had shrunk so much.  He couldn’t even wear the same shirt that he wore in his before pic because it was too baggy to be able to see the difference.  He also looks so much better (than my pics)…with his smile and being actually dressed:)

What about you?  Did you do the Whole 30?  Are you in the middle of your journey?  Do you want to start?  Let me encourage you…JUST DO IT!  It is so worth it…it’s a great start in our journey to better health!!

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Whole 30: Week 5 Day 29-30!!!

Week 5!  Or should it be called…THE FINAL DAYS!!  I really can’t believe that there are only 2 more days.  I have mixed emotions…one side says…yay…I can choose to have a little honey or flavored creamer in my coffee if I want!!  The other side is scared and doesn’t really know what the next step is…what do I do now?  I don’t want to mess up all that I have worked for in the past 30 days!

I did some reading to see what was recommended and Whole 30 recommends adding back in the different groups each week (I think for one day each week and then 6 days break) to see how your body reacts and feels when you have those things.  Then you can recognize what symptoms you have and what can be causing them.  They also recommend that after that, you stick with a plan similar to the whole 30, but don’t have to be SUPER strict with things like a little added sugar in meat or possibly making some gluten free pizza crust and on special occasions, choose to eat homemade cookies.  For us, we started this journey to not only reset our bodies, but also to hopefully lose some excess weight and gain more health and fitness.  So, we plan on sticking to the program with a couple little tweaks (mainly adding a little sugar in & maybe making some gluten free treats every once in a while).  If we get too out of hand though, we will have to get right back on track!  Here are our last 2 days!


Day 29

  • Breakfast:  Fried egg, fried shredded sweet potatoes and tomatoes
  • Lunch:  Natural beef hot dog with turkey lunch meat, sauerkraut, olives, carrots and celery
  • Dinner:  Chicken sausage, sweet potato chips and spinach salad with tomatoes, olives and homemade ranch dressing


Day 30

  • Breakfast:  Fried eggs, spinach, onion, bell pepper & sweet potato scramble (I have to admit, I am a little OVER the scramble for a little while)
  • Lunch:  We didn’t have any left overs or lunch meat, so I used canned white chicken and make chicken salad (homemade mayo, white pepper, salt) over tomatoes and cantaloupe
  • Dinner:  Our LAST official meal…we made our very favorite!  Plantain nachos from Well Fed 2 with guacamole.  Seriously…SO GOOD!

Stay tuned…next up…FINAL RESULTS of our first WHOLE 30!!

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Whole 30: Week 4 Day 22-28

Week 4!  I cannot believe we are over half way done.  This week was better in some ways than week 3…we have kind of gotten into the habit of cooking every meal and feel comfortable with what we can and cannot have.  Emotionally I was a little better this week, but still had moments where I had to think about why I was feeling the way I was feeling.  This is the first week that I felt like I was starting to see a little bit of physical change too…and A LOT of physical change for my hubby!  I think he even put on a shirt one size smaller…those crazy men:)


Day 22

  • Breakfast:  Frittata with fruit
  • Lunch:  Salmon cakes from Well Fed 2 (leftovers), green olives and tomato and cucumber salad with balsamic vinegar
  • Dinner:  Plantain Nachos with lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos also from Well Fed 2


Day 23

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and fruit
  • Lunch: Well Fed 2 Ruben Roll Ups with roast beef instead of corned beef, salad and Well Fed 2 russian dressing
  • Dinner:  I can’t find it, sorry! 🙁


Day 24

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and fruit
  • Lunch:  Left over sauerkraut from yesterday’s reuben roll ups, turkey lunch meat, sweet potato fries and olives
  • Dinner:  Chicken sausage (from Costco), steamed carrots and salad


Day 25

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and Strawberries
  • Lunch:  Ate lunch out with Mom after taking the boys to the movies…where again I didn’t eat popcorn 🙂  We ate at Cafe Express and I had to go through the whole thing and ended up with Salmon with steamed broccoli and green beans with a relish (all compliant)…my only complaint was there was WAY to much olive oil…but, not too bad for eating out…and it was AMAZING because I didn’t have to cook it!
  • Dinner:  Tomato meat sauce (homemade and yes…no sugar) with zucchini for noodles.  We have tried spaghetti squash and now we have tried zucchini.  They were harder to slice/shred (whatever you call it), but overall they tasted better than I thought that they would.


Day 26 (Fourth of July)

  • Breakfast:  Fried egg, chicken & apple sausage (not my favorite) and spinach, sweet potato, mushroom & bell pepper scramble
  • Lunch:  We had family in town to celebrate the 4th of July, so we had grilled (turkey/beef) burgers, vegetables (they had dressing to dip) and fruit kabobs.  It was SUPER yummy!
  • Dinner:  Dinner we had to eat on the way to the ballpark, we were going to watch a game and see fireworks and we didn’t want to mess up our plan.  We had chicken sausages, steamed broccoli & carrots (and one fruit kabob).  We made it through feeding our children and all the awesome food around us…without eating it!!


Day 27

  • Breakfast:  We were meeting family early, so my hubby packed me a fried egg, a chicken sausage (that I didn’t eat) and a bag of carrots.  I forgot to take a pic because we were SUPER rushed and I was having a hard enough time getting everyone out of the house 🙂
  • Lunch:  We ate out with my family and I had to be the person that asked a million questions, but I had a chicken salad with some grilled veggies and avocado.  They didn’t have any salsa or dressing without sugar, so I just squeezed a lemon on my salad…and it was SUPER tasty!
  • Dinner:  We ate at my parents house and my mom made grilled chicken (just herbs to season), sweet potato fries, salad and fresh green beans with olive oil.


Day 28

  • Breakfast:  Fried eggs, spinach, mushroom, bell pepper, jalapeno scramble and watermelon
  • Lunch:  OH MY GOODNESS!  I had bought wings to make for my hubby for the holiday weekend and he decided to make them since I wasn’t feeling that great.  He used Megan’s Buffalo Chicken Wings recipe…and they were SO delicious!  Seriously…so good!!  Way to go Megan and thank you for sharing!  And to top it off…we finally found a Whole 30 compliant Ranch Dressing from Paleo Grubs (seriously…almost tastes like the real thing)
  • Dinner:  We were back at my parents house and she made fajitas for everyone and we had the fajita meat on salad with some fruit for dessert.  (sorry i forgot to take a pic)

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Whole 30: Week 3 Day 15-21

We made it to Week 3!  Week 3 was harder than week 2, but more for emotional reasons versus withdrawals 🙂  I realize for me, being a girl that a lot of my food issues are related to emotions.  If you think about it…we celebrate…with eating, if you feel bad…you eat…if you go out with friends…you eat…if there is a holiday…you eat…you see what I am saying!  A lot of social things revolve around food and I noticed this week that I missed eating some of my “favorite bad foods”…specifically in the afternoon or after dinner when I would usually “reward” myself with an indulgent snack.  There were a couple of days that I allowed myself a small snack…like nuts or fruit, but mostly I just reminded myself that what I am striving for is SO much greater than what I want right now (the food or snack).  That is HUGE progress for me! not-so-crunchy-mom-whole-30-Well-Fed-2.jpg

Another reason Week 3 was hard…I was tired of eating the same thing!  It wasn’t REALLY the same thing…but coming up with different vegetables EACH meal is a lot of vegetables.  I did go ahead and purchase Well Fed 2 by Melissa Joulwan and that has helped SO MUCH!  We have made so many of her recipes in her book and they are all SO good!!  Seriously…SO GOOD!!


Day 15

  • Breakfast:  Fried egg, Turkey lunch meat, tomatoes, carrots and watermelon
  • Lunch:  I can’t remember…and can’t find the picture 🙁
  • Dinner:  Plantain Nachos from Well Fed 2 with guacamole (THESE ARE AMAZING!!)


Day 16

  • Breakfast:  Frittata with Fruit
  • Lunch:  Turkey lunch meat, sauerkraut, sweet potato with ghee, olives, horseradish mustard mayo sauce and fruit
  • Dinner:  It was a Girls Night Dinner and Event, so I packed my own Taco Salad to eat with them at the restaurant (because I was still too scared to order out) and fruit and nuts to have in case I was tempted by the cute & sugary snacks that were bound to be there 🙂  But, good news, I didn’t even need my fruit and nuts…it was totally fine!


Day 17

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and fruit
  • Lunch:  Taco Salad with Lettuce and Mango
  • Dinner:  Turkey Burgers, Sweet Potato Fries (one of our favorites), condiments (sauteed onions, tomatoes, pickles, olives and avacado


Day 18

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and fruit
  • Lunch:  Turkey burger with mustard, sauerkraut, olives, cucumber and tomato salad with the Tessemaes Raspberry Vinaigrette (which was pretty good)
  • Dinner:  Well Fed 2 BBQ Beef, sauteed onions, sweet potato fries and cole slaw (which is really hard to make without sugar)


Day 19

  • Breakfast:  Frittata with fruit
  • Lunch:  Well Fed 2 – Reuben Roll Ups…except with Turkey lunchmeat (SERIOUSLY SO TASTY), steamed carrots and olives
  • Dinner:  Chicken Sausages with Spinach and Red Bell Pepper from COSTCO, sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli


Day 20

  • Breakfast:  Fried Eggs, Mushroom, Spinach and Bell Pepper Scramble, fruit
  • Lunch:  Turkey lunch meat with onions sauteed with Tessemaes BBQ sauce (which was pretty good…very vinegary…but that seems to be a theme with their whole 30 sauces)
  • Dinner:  All natural beef hot dogs, sauerkraut, grilled onions and squash with Well Fed 2 homemade ketchup (which is SO GOOD) and store bought mustard
  • Sauce:  Homemade Whole 30 Mayo


Day 21

  • Breakfast:  Fried Eggs, Mushroom, Spinach and shredded Sweet Potatoes
  • Lunch:  Well Fed 2 Plantain Nachos (OUR FAVORITE) with Mangos and Jalepenos
  • Dinner:  Well Fed 2 / Whole 30 Salmon Cakes, homemade tartar sauce and steamed broccoli (They were SO yummy!)

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Whole 30: Week 2 Day 8-14

Week 2 of WHOLE 30!!  We made it through the first week…made it through another weekend of prepping for week 2.  Day 8 was “on-the-go”, so we had to be prepared.  We had VBS at church in the morning for the first 3 days…which means that I come home at 12:30 starving and exhausted.  I have to confess that I picked something up for my kiddos and had my lunch pre-made so I could just eat it when I got home.  On Day 8, we had another family get together to celebrate my father in law and we brought our own food:)  It wasn’t too bad 🙂


Day 8

  • Breakfast:  The Breakfast Frittata with Fruit
  • Lunch:  Taco Salad and Fruit
  • Dinner:  Chicken Sausage with Spinach and Red Peppers, Steamed Carrots and Broccoli


Day 9

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and fruit
  • Lunch:  Taco Salad again 🙂 (although I did realize that we could use salsa for dressing…which made my hubby SO excited!!)
  • Dinner:  Baked Tilapia, fried plantains, guacamole and mango

We tried fish for the first time and it was pretty tasty…but a little fishy:(  So we will have to try something different next time!  But, I am proud that we branched out and tried new things:)


Day 10

  • Breakfast:  Frittata and Fruit
  • Lunch:  Taco Salad “ish” again…I told you…rough first 3 days of the week 🙁
  • Dinner:  Grilled Chicken with spaghetti sauce (no sugar) with Kale chips and Sweet Potato fries and tomato/cucumber salad


Day 11

  • Breakfast:  Egg scramble with spinach, chicken sausage with red bell peppers and spinach and fruit
  • Lunch:  Grilled chicken with mayo and white pepper on top of lettuce, cantaloupe and a few almonds
  • Dinner:  Tilapia with Almond Meal baked, fresh green beans, steamed carrots and tarter sauce (the fish was WAY better this way:))


Day 12

  • Breakfast:  Two fried eggs with spinach & mushroom scramble
  • Lunch:  Grilled chicken over lettuce, cantaloupe, sliced apples and almonds
  • Snack:  I found out we could have dill pickles (w/o sugar), olives, nuts…so I had a few after lunch (So yummy!)
  • Dinner:  Cauliflower Pizza crust thanks to Just Jessie B, marinara sauce, browned turkey, mushroom, onions and red bell peppers that were sauteed and added to the top of the pizza

The crust wasn’t as crunchy as I had wanted, but it was super tasty!  I know that it is “frowned upon” to re-create things that you loved before Whole 30 with a replacement.  But, I felt like it was okay since we were having family night and needed a little variety!


Day 13

  • Breakfast:  Egg scramble with chicken sausage and red bell peppers
  • Lunch:  Grilled chicken, avocado, lettuce and spinach with salsa (no sugar)
  • Dinner:  Lettuce tacos with taco meat, tomatoes, carrots, jalapenos and salsa


Day 14

  • Breakfast:  Fried egg, avocado, tomato and jalapeno with cantaloupe
  • Lunch:  We made Well Fed’s Reuben Roll ups with Roast beef because we couldn’t find corned beef with out sugar.  It is SO tasty and even changed my husband’s dislike of sauerkraut!  We added green olives and had a spinach and strawberry salad with Balsamic Vinegar dressing.
  • Dinner:  Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Well Fed’s meat balls and spaghetti sauce (without sugar)

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