My Camp Gladiator Experience YR 2 – Day 1

My Camp Gladiator Experience Year 2 - Day 1

Happy 2nd day of the new year!  This morning a crazy Texas storm hit us around 5AM with loud winds and lots of rain…and of course I woke up.  My awesome hubby was leaving for his 5:20AM Camp Gladiator workout in the pouring rain.  I was able to go back to sleep for a little longer and then didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off.  But, I knew that I had told all of you that I would be there today, so I got up and ready to leave.

Thankfully, my sweet friend Blair was there when I got there.  It always helps when you have a buddy to work out with:)  I saw some familiar faces and even got to meet some new friends like Jennifer who messaged me the night before.  She was brave and came out to camp today and rocked it!  I was a little nervous since I hadn’t been to camp in a few weeks…but oddly enough…compared to last year…it was awesome!  I feel like I often allow myself to get easily discouraged, but today I realized that even though I have a long journey ahead…I will celebrate how far I have come:)

How did you do on your goal today?  Tell me how it is going?

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Year 2 Begins!

Camp Gladiator Year 2

Here we are on the first day of 2017!  I have to admit that 2016 ended up being a year that I was ready to see go and start fresh with 2017 (more on that later).  With 2017 comes blank pages, new planners and goals 🙂  How many of you have set goals for losing weight, getting healthier, working out or anything in a similar category?  I think I have had that goal for as long as I can remember…and every year I am still so far from the goal.  But last year I set out to be stronger which included starting Camp Gladiator.

If you happen to remember, it was something I was pretty fearful about…would I be the biggest person there, would I be able to do any of the exercises, would people stare at me, would I always be the last one and most of all…would I die?  haha…you think I am kidding…it is seriously something that I worry about:)  But, guess what?  I finished all 20 days of my first camp and over the past year I have attended 111 camps.  That is 111 HOURS of working out…say WHAT??  Of course if you are anything like me, I immediately think about the camps that I missed or skipped…or the ones that I didn’t give 100%…but not today.  Today I am going to proudly say that I went from a person that NEVER worked out…to someone that attended 111 Camp Gladiator camps and worked out 111 hours in the last year.  And that is something I am proud of!

Camp Gladiator Year 2

Tomorrow starts a new year and a new Camp Gladiator camp!  I will wake up tomorrow for my 6:45 am camp and still have a nervous stomach and some of the same fears.  I will probably be one of the last on the warm up run, I will still have to use success options and will still have a slight fear that I can’t do it.  But, the difference is…I know that I can do it and that I AM getting stronger!  Maybe you are like me and want to make a change…and are scared of trying it out…I challenge you this year to JUST DO IT!  I am not quoting a Nike ad…just giving you a little push towards all those things that you have said you want to do, but haven’t committed and followed through with.  I know…because I have struggled with those things myself.  And tomorrow when I get up and it is freezing and I don’t want to go…I remember that I told all of you that I was going to DO IT…and it will help me get one step closer to the strong woman of God I was created to be.

So, what are you going to do or did you do today to get you one step closer to your goals?  I would love to hear about it!  Do you want to try out Camp Gladiator?  I happen to know that you can attend January camp for FREE!!  Just send me an email at and I can help you get started for free.  

Happy 2017…let’s JUST DO THIS!

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Things I Couldn’t Do Before Camp Gladiator

My Camp Gladiator Experience - Things I Couldn't Do Before Camp Gladiator - Not So Crunchy Mom

I am almost finished with my 5th Camp in My Camp Gladiator Experience.  Although the scale doesn’t show a huge change, there have been things that have changed.  I remember reading somewhere that one small victory can cause you to have more belief to accomplish or even try other things.  To keep myself motivated, I decided to make a list of some of things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done or even tried before Camp Gladiator:

  1. Jog (I use that lightly) a complete warm up lap
  2. More than 5 push-ups (modified)
  3. Not cringe (as much) when the trainer says burpee
  4. Playing soccer with my boys in the back yard
  5. Riding a bike with my family
  6. Riding a bike to town on our trip in California (what?)
  7. Trying to hit the baseball with a bat with my kiddos
  8. Take pictures / Post pictures of myself in a sweaty mess
  9. Don’t dread walking or climbing stairs in places because I know I can do it
  10. Wear “active wear” out…and really be active 🙂
  11. Run up my stairs faster than before
  12. Wear shorts and tank tops without being so self conscious (still working on it)
  13. Actually show up and work out 3 to 5 times a week.
  14. Enjoy working out (most of the time)
  15. Feel stronger and like I can accomplish so much more
  16. Jump in a jump house with my kiddos
  17. Feel like I am getting healthier
  18. Have more endurance than when I started
  19. See muscles showing up on my arms and legs??  wut, wut!!
  20. Believe in myself more

I know that there are so many more, but some of these are SO big for me!  The changes may be slower than I would like…but I have to remember that it took me 37 years to get this way…and I am not going to change it in 5 months!

Good news!  You can join me this month!!  I have a few codes available to try out your very own 4 weeks of Camp Gladiator starting June 27.  Are you ready to start?  Send me an email at and I will let you know if I have any codes left for you to join!!

To check out My Camp Gladiator Experience from the beginning, check it out here.

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3-4 Update Summary

My Camp Gladiator Experience - Camp 3 and 4 Summary - Not So Crunchy Mom

So…it has been a little while since I have updated on My Camp Gladiator Experience…and there are a few reasons for that…number 1 is that four letter word…FEAR!  It is funny if you look back at my posts it stops after week 3 of camp 3.  Guess what happened during week 4?  It’s this horrible thing that my dear trainers Kevin and Jessie Richardson like to call Fight Gone Bad.  If you remember, I completed it at the end of my first camp here.  I was SUPER excited about completing it at the end of Camp 3 to see how much progress I had made.  If you don’t remember, it is going through 1 minute of 5 different exercises with NO BREAK and then a 1 minute break between the 5 different rounds…so it adds up to 25 minutes of hard work with about 5 minutes of break in between.  It is TOUGH!

We began our FGB and I pushed HARD on the first round…at the beginning of the second round my body started feeling SO strange…so I slowed down, drank some water and tried to catch my breath.  I tried to keep working through my rounds, but just got really distracted by how weird I was feeling.  Something that I haven’t mentioned much is that I struggle with a little health anxiety and kinda freak out when my body starts feeling really weird.  So…instead of just calming down, taking a break, finding some shade…I got all freaked out and just packed up my stuff and left 🙁  I know it sounds so crazy…but I was afraid something was wrong and didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone…so I just left.  The crazy thing is that after talking to my trainer Jessie, she informed me it is a natural reaction when you work hard and lose the sugar in your body…on top of that I hadn’t drank enough water and it was the first hot day of the year that we had worked out.

After that day I had trouble finishing the end of camp and honestly the 4th camp was a me battling through my anxiety and just trying to push through.  I didn’t make it more than 3 times each week of camp and just kind of lost my fire and hope.  But I had signed up for Total Transformation in May…Camp 5…and knew I had to come in order to get results.  After much prayer, conversations and just doing it…I feel like I am getting back to a routine in Camp 5!

Although Camp 3 and 4 didn’t go as planned, I do have to highlight that I did have changes that wouldn’t have happened without Camp Gladiator in my life.  In the picture it shows my sister and nephew that came to try out Camp and most of all, my kiddos leading their own work out:)  Such great signs of things ahead!

If you want to catch up on My Camp Gladiator Experience from the beginning, check out my journey here.

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3 – Week 2

Camp Gladiator Camp 3 - Week 2 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Camp Gladiator #3 – Week 2 was a little different this camp.  Usually we do “functional training”, but they decided to do a little more Strength and Agility.  Monday, we started with a lot of ladder work, which is best if you can jump…but I am not quite there yet.  I can move my feet decently, so I just did that…In, In, Out, Out…over and over….and maybe a little side to side.  We also did mat work (squat with press, I think), while our partner did the ladders.  Then we switched with our other partners and did running with a high intensity activity (fast jacks or high knees) and the other person did a weighted exercise (chest press or bent over rows).  I had to battle my mental feelings of focusing on what I couldn’t do versus what I CAN do now.

Tuesday and Thursday we continued to work on our strength and agility.  We got to do more ladders and I was introduced to the shuffle box.  Allyson talked about how it was something she was familiar with from PE in school or something…but, I never remember doing that at all…but I also disliked PE so much…I probably forgot. 🙂  We did mat work while our partner was doing that traveling work.  I have learned I really like doing most of the weighted workouts…for some reason it make me feel like I am getting stronger when I am lifting the weights:)

Wedding Anniversary 12

Friday was a special day for us:)  Mine and Kevin’s 12 year wedding anniversary fell on Easter  Sunday this year, so I found a deal for us to stay overnight in a local hotel for a quick 24 hour getaway.  My parents were nice enough to keep our 3 kiddos so we could have all of Friday and half a day Saturday to celebrate.  We started this anniversary unlike ANY other anniversary before…we went to CG Camp together!  It was a pretty rough workout, but it was amazing to have my hubby with me through out it.  We did a LOT of running activities for the “game” for fun Friday and then we had 4 stations to do:  box steps and tricep dips, battle rope slams, run with the fire hose and doing abs with the roller boards.  It was A LOT and hard, but they are actually some of my favorite workouts because it goes by really quickly and you feel like you have accomplished a ton!  Best of all, I love to spend time with my cute hubby and having him there with me was great!  Jessie even got a video of us running with the fire hose…I have to admit, I think I look pretty silly running…but it is good to have to compare to a few months from now:)  Camp Gladiator Camp 3 – Week 2 video with Kevin

Now on to Week 3…HIIT week…always causes a nervousness in me:)



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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 13

Camp Gladiator - Day 13 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Today was the first day back to Kevin and Jessie’s camp since Monday when I had my little “almost passed out” moment 🙂  I have to say that even though we are 2.5 weeks into this, I still get nervous every time I go to camp!  Today it was pretty cold outside, but it didn’t take long to get warm because it is still HIIT week (Hight Intensity Interval Training…I think).  That means that we do some of the same things we have been “practicing” the past 2 weeks, but at 95% of your max potential for a burst of time, then you get a short break, then you do the same thing again.

After a warm up run we did an exercise game of paper, rock, scissors.  Whoever lost had to do one exercise and the other did another…we repeated a few times…that is what is fun about CG…you are working out, but also having fun!  Then we started the main part of the workout where we were in 4 groups.  We each had an exercise that we did specific reps and then rested…the goal was to do as close to the goal number in 20 seconds and then have 10 seconds to rest.  We started with 12 jump squats…which I did modified by doing my squat and then going up on my toes…I lost count of how many 30 second increments we did it…but it was A LOT!  Next we were suppose to do military push ups, but I ended up doing my knee pushups.  After that we had to do burpees…painful burpees:(  Thankfully Kevin brought we some HUGE dumbbells and showed me how it was much easier to do them when your hands are raised a little…that was SUPER helpful!  The last round we had a HERO that did all the exercises (so did we), but when she was done we ran outside and carried a fire hose while running.  That was tough after already being out of breath from doing the exercises…but we got through it!  The last section we worked on our core with a bunch of different planking exercises.  My core is SO weak…so I did a lot of plank hold instead of all the fancy ones.  I will be so excited to finally have some strength in my core!!  I am sure those 3 c-sections didn’t help me out much…but those sweet babies were worth it 🙂

So, one thing that people had always told me about Camp Gladiator is that the people are so friendly and its like a family.  I have to admit that I didn’t quite believe them…after all why would people choose to workout in the freezing cold or super hot weather??  Well, it is the TRUTH!  I haven’t met one person that hasn’t been super supportive and encouraging…no one makes you feel like you aren’t good enough or that you aren’t trying hard enough…and they seriously are so nice!  And it is like a big family…today was Trainer Kevin’s 30th birthday and some of the people that have been in his camp for a while planned a little party for him after camp and they brought lots of great accessories for him to wear today. (See proof in the picture, thanks to his wife and trainer Jessie)  I think it is just awesome to have such great people in your corner during this journey and to have fun in the process of one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life!

CG - Day 13 Kevins bday

I know that there are some of you that have considered coming out to see what CG is all about…I encourage you to just come and try it out!  If you don’t want to come to this camp on week 3…I understand…just plan on coming for the next camp, that starts on February 8th!  As a valued reader with the Not So Crunchy Mom Blog, we have a great opportunity to have a special promotional discount code for 60% off your first camp!

Camp Gladiator Promo - Not So Crunchy Mom Promo

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 11 & Day 12

Camp Gladiator - Day 11 and 12 Day 11 – First Day of HIIT Week – First time I felt like I was going to pass out and potentially throw up 🙂

The workout started off a little crazy because there were so many people and I had saved a spot for my friend, but ended up not showing up.  I moved to where another one of my new CG friends was set up and joined her group.  I knew it was going to be difficult and it was…many little “warm up” sessions…and then 4 different locations where we did different things.

  1. Mat work with 3 different movements
  2. Jump Rope 50 times x 3
  3. Sprint race x 3
  4. Slam the ropes x 2

All of them pushed my boundaries, but I did it and was doing pretty good.  I thought we were close to done, but the worst was yet to come.  We had to do 20 seconds of bicep curls, 20 seconds of raising the weight over your head using triceps (there is a name) and then 10 seconds of burpees.  During those seconds you are suppose to do them as fast as you can:)  I happened to bring heavier weights today…and was having a hard time finishing everything…and my new partner was so sweet to really push me.  We finished and I felt really strange.  I sat down and just tried to catch my breath.  In my mind I was getting a little nervous about the way I felt and feeling a little embarrassed.  I was trying not to bring too much attention to myself, but really could not get up to get to my car.  Thankfully trainer Kevin came over to help me walk outside and get some fresh air…he also told me that my body was just having a little glucose problem where I all my sugars went somewhere else and made me feel so poopy.  Thankfully I finally felt a little better and was able to get to my car and drive just around the corner to get a smoothie from Smoothie King…and a little later I was feeling so much better!

All of that made me super nervous…because I have struggled with health anxiety…so when I feel weird, it kind of freaks me out 🙁  I got anxious about Day 12 and was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep up my commitment.  But, today my buddy Karen was back as well as many others and I just tried to listen really closely to what my body was saying…and although I did push myself pretty hard…I didn’t feel that way and completed a great workout from Allyson.  We ran A LOT today…but short sprints and did some pretty crazy exercises.  But, I even did a few burpees with a little jump in them…slowly but surely I am coming along!

Well, I will do better about pictures tomorrow hopefully!  Honestly there are so many times I wish I could snap a pic, but I never have my phone with me…I can’t wait to see how the rest of the week goes!  Hope Kevin and Jessie don’t push us TOO hard tomorrow 🙂

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Camp Gladiator – 2nd Weekend Update

Camp Gladiator - 2nd weekend - Not So Crunchy Mom

When we decided to commit to CG (Camp Gladiator), we signed up to go BOLD!  That means that we get a discount for committing to 6 or 12 months.  It is $79/mo for 6 months or $69/mo for 12 months…and your spouse is just $35…so for a little over $100 you and your spouse get unlimited camp sessions with personal trainers for 12 months.

One of the additional perks is that they have special seminars to help you on your health journey.  There was one this Saturday about Nutrition.  I decided to go ahead and go to learn more about what they believe is a great way to address nutrition.  As usual with anything CG, it was very inspirational and encouraging.  We also learned some basics on things to help with our nutrition.  It is still a little confusing, so I am hoping to schedule some time with our trainers to make sure I am making a good plan for adding in more accountability with my nutrition.

The biggest “ah ha” moment for me, was that the trainer Kim was suggesting a website to find out how many macro nutrients we need and she said under active that we should choose VERY ACTIVE!  I had to take a moment and think…am I VERY ACTIVE?  I have never in my life been able to click that box:)  Still kinda crazy to me!

Saturday after the class, I had already gotten ready for the day and didn’t want to have to get ready again before church at 4, so we took that day as our rest day.  (call me crazy I didn’t want to have to dry my long hair again 🙂 )  On Sunday, we decided to take a “jog/trot” again to see if it was any better than last week…I did feel better as far as breathing, etc, but had a little trouble with my leg muscles being kind of tight.  My hubby Kevin said that I did it faster than last week…but we didn’t really track it as well as this time.  Kevin rode his bike with the boys and P on the back for my jog.  So, I decided to offer to trade so that he could get his run in as well.  It sounds silly, but I have been afraid to try and ride his bike because I was afraid I would fall over or not be able to do it.  It was so fun…and yes, I still have some work to do…but I was proud of myself for trying!

Overall a great weekend and feel pretty good about the progress that we have made in two weeks!  We will see how Monday goes with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) week…yikes!

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 10

Camp Gladiator - Day 10 -  Not So Crunchy Mom Yay…it is Day 10…Fun Day Friday!  Today I wasn’t quite looking forward to going to Camp Gladiator…but I knew I was going to go:)  I think I was tired from the week…we had church services on Sun – Wed nights, so we had been out a lot more than usual.  Thankfully my buddies were at camp today and it was broken up into teams…but for individual work…which I have learned that I really like:)  My friend Amanda (1 year vet), April (Many years) and my Karen (who I kinda made come with me)  Super thankful for their encouragement today!

We started off with a game called ship or sale…which is a lot like Simons Says…and it was a lot of fun.  Then we had 7 different stations that we had to do different exercises…it was also a preview to next week…interval week…where you work at 100% for a short period of time and then you have a rest period before you start again.  The 7 stations were:

  1. 30 shoulder taps and 5 power push ups
  2. Using the rolling scooter do 10 push outs and 10 hamstring push outs (I don’t think that is the right name…but you get the idea)
  3. Carry the fire hose:  this was actually one of my favorites!  There were two cones and we had to carry the fire hose from one cone to the next.  We were suppose to have buddies, but I ended up on a side by myself…it was hard, but fun and made me feel strong:)
  4. Slam the ropes:  this is similar to when we slammed the fire hoses at Allyson’s camp, but we used ropes.  We did 10 slams then 1 burpee, 10 slams and 2 burpees and 10 slams then 30 burpees.  That exercise really gets your heart pumping…but it is also fun because it isn’t something you normally do.
  5. Resistant sprints:  our partner held a resistant band and held us back while we sprinted to the other side.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it very well, but it ended up being pretty fun as well.
  6. Leg Lifts:  this one we are suppose to step up with our knees and lift the other knee.  I didn’t do the full stadium seat distance, but used the step to do them modified to save my knees 🙂
  7. Sand Bag Slams:  these are the good old faithful slamming of the sand bags…we were suppose to do 10 as fast as we could and then squat while the other person did their reps.

And that was it!  What I am learning is that I really enjoy the workouts that have a lot of different stations or activities and you can do them as a group…but at your own pace!  I also really love when we use weird things like fire hoses or ropes…it somehow makes me feel stronger because I never would have thought I would have been able to complete it.

Thankfully I didn’t cry or wasn’t even sad today!  Kevin and Jessie are so gracious to listen and be so helpful…as does Allyson on Tues/Thurs:)  The CG trainers are the best!

I have to admit that I am looking forward to no camp on Sat/ Sun and a little scared about next week…but super excited about completing my second week!  10 days down…only 10 more for my first camp and ???? more to get to my ideal health:)

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 7

CG - Day 7 Today was a great day to do Camp Gladiator, it was finally sunny outside!  It was pretty warm too…like take off layers kind of warm:)  This week has revealed how much I have to fight my mental thoughts and choose not to get discouraged.  Functional week (that’s what they call it) is all about doing exercises that help with everyday tasks you do and do help with your balance, etc.  Today we started off with the “warm up”…aka…lots of running to get warm:)  Which is true and helpful…and someday I hope to be able to jog the entire time:)  Then we moved to the main part of workout which consisted of 4 stations with 3 different exercises that you do for 6+ minutes and then switch.  Some of them were pretty difficult, but the variety is nice!  That is one of the things that I like most about Camp Gladiator…you may not love what you are doing right at that time…but it will probably change in the next 1-10 minutes:)

The mental part for me to battle was those thoughts of how far I have to go in order to just be able to do the “success option” that they show the group…versus having to have a modification for most of the exercises.  Or being able to do more of the cardio without having to stop so much…so I can leave the workout and feel like I wish I could have done more!  But, then I think about the fact that last week I couldn’t do barely ANYTHING and even though I have a long journey ahead of me…I am 7 days closer than I was:)

Super thankful for friends today!  It is so fun to walk this journey with others around you encouraging you:)  How is your journey going?  I would love to hear!

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