Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day 2016 - KC Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, I am not quite sure why, but I think it is because it celebrates something that I hoped and prayed for since I was little…someone to love and love me back:)  The funny thing is that looking back now, I think that I put too much weight into that perfect “one” that the Lord would send and focused too little on the ONE who sent him.


Valentines Day 2016 - kids

You see, I waited basically 24 years to meet my Mr. Right…and he is more than I could have ever imagined.  He knocks off almost all of the things on the “list” and some that I didn’t even know were on there.  He is a man of character that puts his trust in God, he is a great leader for me and our kiddos, he is loyal to friends and family, he is super funny and has the best smile, he loves big and helps me in so many ways…changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, laundry…when I need help.  He has become quite the handy man and takes on my “projects” around the house with enthusiasm…most of the time:)  He challenges me to meet my goals (Camp Gladiator, getting stronger). He supports all my crazy ideas. He puts me first and treats me like his bride.  He created our three beautiful, creative and amazing kiddos with me.  He loves us all so well!

The thing is, my sweet hubby is all of those things, but what he can’t be is my everything.  You see if I ask him to be that, I will be disappointed and he will feel like he can’t live up to my expectations.  Because my everything has to be my very first love, Jesus.  There is a verse that most everyone has probably heard before and it says:  “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16.  We are in the middle of the Transformed bible study and in one of the recent devotionals it reminded me of these things, I would like to share just a bit from it:

“God is passionate about you.  This verse says, “God so loved the world.”  You are part of the world.  God LOVED you!  His love isn’t detached and impersonal.  It is passionate.  Do you know God loves you?  He does.

He shows that love by his gift.  That’s the second point this verse tells us about God.  “…that he gave his one and only Son.”  God’s love for you cost him more than we could ever measure.  He gave you Jesus.  He gave you Jesus to pay for your sins and to provide a bridge between you and God.

The third point we learn from John 3:16 is God’s proposal to us, “That whoever believe in him…”  We all have the opportunity to turn to Jesus.  All it takes is BELIEF.  We don’t have to earn God’s love, all we have to do is accept his love in Jesus Christ.

When we do that we gain the fourth point from this verse, God’s promise; “…shall not perish; but have eternal life.”  What a deal!  God loves you so much that he gave you Jesus.  When you accept his proposal to believe in Christ, you gain the promise of eternal life.  That is Good News.  TRANSFORMED – RICK WARREN

I think for me, I focused on finding my soul mate and wanted him to fulfill so many of the promises that Jesus promises us.  We have had 12 years of marriage to help work through so many of those expectations and disappointments.  But, what I know now is that in order for us to love each other the best we can, we have to love God first and put Him first in our life.  Because God loves me (and YOU) more than any earthly person could and He is passionate about you knowing that and He just wants a relationship with you.

I know that this post is a little deeper than some of my other posts, but today I was just thinking about all those that could be hurting and disappointed today wishing that they had someone to call their Valentine.  Be encouraged today, there is someone that loves you more than any human person could, that is FOR you, wants you to succeed and is passionate about having a relationship with you.  His name is Jesus and if you don’t already know Him, don’t wait, He is waiting for you to ask Him to be the Lord of your life.  If you already know Him, take a step closer to lean into your relationship with Him.  He is our true source of Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!  I hope it is more than you ever imagined:)

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Happy New Year and New Beginnings for my family!

Happy New Year!  I hope that you have enjoyed a great break.  We were blessed to enjoy an EXTRA long break with hubby being home:)  You see, my hubby has worked at the same place the entire time I have known him, dated, engaged, married…yep…really even longer…18 years to be exact!  That makes us sound really old, but he is 36 years old and just realized that he had worked at Wells Fargo for HALF OF HIS LIFE!  How crazy is that?

Not So Crunchy Mom - 18 years at Wells Fargo

It has been such a blessing to work for such a large company with the benefits, extra time off (because of how long he has worked there) and the consistency.  But, there is one problem…my husband is amazingly talented in SO many ways that were not being met at his current job.  He is someone that loves people and loves to encourage and challenge others to meet their true potential.  He also is passionate about music and a super talented musician (like he plays drums, guitar, bass and a few more instruments…easily).  Our dream has been for him to be able to leave WF and work somewhere that would include both of those areas.  A while back we even went out on a limb and built a studio and started a company…that didn’t end up working out (a story for later).  We had pretty much given it over to Jesus because, who was going to offer Kevin a job doing something in a new industry with little experience and making what it took 18 years to earn at his current job.  It was really the main reason I had decided to share my oily journey with others…to supplement his income to give us more options for him to be able to pursue his dream without the strain on our family finances:)

You can’t imagine our surprise and overwhelming happiness when Jesus and our friend brought about an opportunity for him to work for an amazing company doing just those two things…serving and building people and sharing/being surrounded by music!  It wasn’t the exact same amount that we were making, but WAY beyond what we could imagine was possible!  It was like Jesus said, “I appreciate your help, but I got this!!”  He really took this opportunity to show us to TRUST HIM!!  I think that was specifically for me…I am the one that has the most trouble just trusting that He has got this!

After much prayer and counsel, hubby gave his notice and was able to take close to 3 1/2 weeks off to just spend time with family and preparing for his new journey.  His new company will be Music Bed!  If you haven’t heard of them you need to…you see they work with “music artists to do what they love while providing filmmakers with an inspiring selection of music to license for their projects”.  So, if you are creating a you tube video, video for website, wedding video, commercial, film, etc…they are a great resource for you!  Check out their great site:  www.musicbed.com and their app!

Not So Crunchy Mom - New Beginnings at Music Bed

Tomorrow marks his first day at this great new company and a new beginning for our family!  I feel like 2015 is going to be the best year yet for our family…new beginnings and most of all overwhelming TRUST in the LORD for HIS provision and plans!  Do you have any new beginnings in your family for 2015?

Dream Big, Trust Harder

Thank you to a friend who posted this…it is exactly what 2015 will be for us!  How about you?



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