My Camp Gladiator Experience YR 2 – Day 1

My Camp Gladiator Experience Year 2 - Day 1

Happy 2nd day of the new year!  This morning a crazy Texas storm hit us around 5AM with loud winds and lots of rain…and of course I woke up.  My awesome hubby was leaving for his 5:20AM Camp Gladiator workout in the pouring rain.  I was able to go back to sleep for a little longer and then didn’t want to get up when my alarm went off.  But, I knew that I had told all of you that I would be there today, so I got up and ready to leave.

Thankfully, my sweet friend Blair was there when I got there.  It always helps when you have a buddy to work out with:)  I saw some familiar faces and even got to meet some new friends like Jennifer who messaged me the night before.  She was brave and came out to camp today and rocked it!  I was a little nervous since I hadn’t been to camp in a few weeks…but oddly enough…compared to last year…it was awesome!  I feel like I often allow myself to get easily discouraged, but today I realized that even though I have a long journey ahead…I will celebrate how far I have come:)

How did you do on your goal today?  Tell me how it is going?

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Year 2 Begins!

Camp Gladiator Year 2

Here we are on the first day of 2017!  I have to admit that 2016 ended up being a year that I was ready to see go and start fresh with 2017 (more on that later).  With 2017 comes blank pages, new planners and goals 🙂  How many of you have set goals for losing weight, getting healthier, working out or anything in a similar category?  I think I have had that goal for as long as I can remember…and every year I am still so far from the goal.  But last year I set out to be stronger which included starting Camp Gladiator.

If you happen to remember, it was something I was pretty fearful about…would I be the biggest person there, would I be able to do any of the exercises, would people stare at me, would I always be the last one and most of all…would I die?  haha…you think I am kidding…it is seriously something that I worry about:)  But, guess what?  I finished all 20 days of my first camp and over the past year I have attended 111 camps.  That is 111 HOURS of working out…say WHAT??  Of course if you are anything like me, I immediately think about the camps that I missed or skipped…or the ones that I didn’t give 100%…but not today.  Today I am going to proudly say that I went from a person that NEVER worked out…to someone that attended 111 Camp Gladiator camps and worked out 111 hours in the last year.  And that is something I am proud of!

Camp Gladiator Year 2

Tomorrow starts a new year and a new Camp Gladiator camp!  I will wake up tomorrow for my 6:45 am camp and still have a nervous stomach and some of the same fears.  I will probably be one of the last on the warm up run, I will still have to use success options and will still have a slight fear that I can’t do it.  But, the difference is…I know that I can do it and that I AM getting stronger!  Maybe you are like me and want to make a change…and are scared of trying it out…I challenge you this year to JUST DO IT!  I am not quoting a Nike ad…just giving you a little push towards all those things that you have said you want to do, but haven’t committed and followed through with.  I know…because I have struggled with those things myself.  And tomorrow when I get up and it is freezing and I don’t want to go…I remember that I told all of you that I was going to DO IT…and it will help me get one step closer to the strong woman of God I was created to be.

So, what are you going to do or did you do today to get you one step closer to your goals?  I would love to hear about it!  Do you want to try out Camp Gladiator?  I happen to know that you can attend January camp for FREE!!  Just send me an email at and I can help you get started for free.  

Happy 2017…let’s JUST DO THIS!

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Things I Couldn’t Do Before Camp Gladiator

My Camp Gladiator Experience - Things I Couldn't Do Before Camp Gladiator - Not So Crunchy Mom

I am almost finished with my 5th Camp in My Camp Gladiator Experience.  Although the scale doesn’t show a huge change, there have been things that have changed.  I remember reading somewhere that one small victory can cause you to have more belief to accomplish or even try other things.  To keep myself motivated, I decided to make a list of some of things that I couldn’t or wouldn’t have done or even tried before Camp Gladiator:

  1. Jog (I use that lightly) a complete warm up lap
  2. More than 5 push-ups (modified)
  3. Not cringe (as much) when the trainer says burpee
  4. Playing soccer with my boys in the back yard
  5. Riding a bike with my family
  6. Riding a bike to town on our trip in California (what?)
  7. Trying to hit the baseball with a bat with my kiddos
  8. Take pictures / Post pictures of myself in a sweaty mess
  9. Don’t dread walking or climbing stairs in places because I know I can do it
  10. Wear “active wear” out…and really be active 🙂
  11. Run up my stairs faster than before
  12. Wear shorts and tank tops without being so self conscious (still working on it)
  13. Actually show up and work out 3 to 5 times a week.
  14. Enjoy working out (most of the time)
  15. Feel stronger and like I can accomplish so much more
  16. Jump in a jump house with my kiddos
  17. Feel like I am getting healthier
  18. Have more endurance than when I started
  19. See muscles showing up on my arms and legs??  wut, wut!!
  20. Believe in myself more

I know that there are so many more, but some of these are SO big for me!  The changes may be slower than I would like…but I have to remember that it took me 37 years to get this way…and I am not going to change it in 5 months!

Good news!  You can join me this month!!  I have a few codes available to try out your very own 4 weeks of Camp Gladiator starting June 27.  Are you ready to start?  Send me an email at and I will let you know if I have any codes left for you to join!!

To check out My Camp Gladiator Experience from the beginning, check it out here.

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 3-4 Update Summary

My Camp Gladiator Experience - Camp 3 and 4 Summary - Not So Crunchy Mom

So…it has been a little while since I have updated on My Camp Gladiator Experience…and there are a few reasons for that…number 1 is that four letter word…FEAR!  It is funny if you look back at my posts it stops after week 3 of camp 3.  Guess what happened during week 4?  It’s this horrible thing that my dear trainers Kevin and Jessie Richardson like to call Fight Gone Bad.  If you remember, I completed it at the end of my first camp here.  I was SUPER excited about completing it at the end of Camp 3 to see how much progress I had made.  If you don’t remember, it is going through 1 minute of 5 different exercises with NO BREAK and then a 1 minute break between the 5 different rounds…so it adds up to 25 minutes of hard work with about 5 minutes of break in between.  It is TOUGH!

We began our FGB and I pushed HARD on the first round…at the beginning of the second round my body started feeling SO strange…so I slowed down, drank some water and tried to catch my breath.  I tried to keep working through my rounds, but just got really distracted by how weird I was feeling.  Something that I haven’t mentioned much is that I struggle with a little health anxiety and kinda freak out when my body starts feeling really weird.  So…instead of just calming down, taking a break, finding some shade…I got all freaked out and just packed up my stuff and left 🙁  I know it sounds so crazy…but I was afraid something was wrong and didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of everyone…so I just left.  The crazy thing is that after talking to my trainer Jessie, she informed me it is a natural reaction when you work hard and lose the sugar in your body…on top of that I hadn’t drank enough water and it was the first hot day of the year that we had worked out.

After that day I had trouble finishing the end of camp and honestly the 4th camp was a me battling through my anxiety and just trying to push through.  I didn’t make it more than 3 times each week of camp and just kind of lost my fire and hope.  But I had signed up for Total Transformation in May…Camp 5…and knew I had to come in order to get results.  After much prayer, conversations and just doing it…I feel like I am getting back to a routine in Camp 5!

Although Camp 3 and 4 didn’t go as planned, I do have to highlight that I did have changes that wouldn’t have happened without Camp Gladiator in my life.  In the picture it shows my sister and nephew that came to try out Camp and most of all, my kiddos leading their own work out:)  Such great signs of things ahead!

If you want to catch up on My Camp Gladiator Experience from the beginning, check out my journey here.

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 4

Camp Gladiator - Camp 2 Week 4

Week 4 of Camp Gladiator started off a little different.  It was Leap Day on Monday, so we planned a little family day outing to celebrate.  We visited Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  We had a blast and I will be doing a review in one of the next few posts:)  I decided to go to a different camp that evening so that I didn’t miss.  It was a camp with Allyson, although we had two new “intern” trainers.  The workout was great, but I realized that evenings (and change) are MUCH harder for me.  I was tired from the day, it was a different group of people, we got split in groups where I was separated from Amanda (who came with me) and it was two new trainers that I didn’t know and we were in a parking lot that had a hill and a LOT OF RUNNING!  I was trying to be good with everything, but after not being able to do a couple of things that they mentioned, I lost it and had my second break down of CG:(  I literally went on my “run” and cried the entire time.  I feel so silly sharing that with you guys, but I want to share my whole journey…and sometimes it is not very pretty.  I pulled myself together and completed the rest of the workout.

Tuesday we were at camp with one of the same “intern” trainers and we did a very similar workout.  3 exercises at the mat with running at the end…on repeat.  I had a better attitude today and pushed through and tried to be encouraging.  We had to do sprints in front of pretty much the whole group at the end of the workout…I was a little scared, but just tried my best!

Wednesday I woke up in a funny mood and wasn’t really feeling it.  I showed up at camp and there was a “sub” trainer because Kevin and Jessie were out of town.  She threw us all off by telling us that we should bring our weights…and saying that as a sub her job is to make the workout harder 🙁  I have to admit that my attitude was not very accepting or excited…then she shared her workout…which was listed out on a white board and had A LOT OF NUMBERS…one of which was like 200 high knees!  As I have mentioned…big numbers of reps and the whole workout in one fell swoop…although it helps me know what is going to happen (which I usually like), but makes me feel an immediate feeling of overwhelming, defeat and “I can’t do that” 🙁  It is crazy how just those numbers can do that!  Mid way through the workout I realized it wasn’t as “hard” as I thought…and that my attitude was unacceptable:(  I apologized to a few of my camper friends for having such a bad attitude and they were sweet and said that it was okay.

Thursday we had a great workout with weights and I was in a much better mood.  I don’t know what it is about being with friends in the sunshine…and maybe knowing that I wasn’t going to have to run as much:)  It helped me feel better and push through the workout:)

Friday I was without childcare and decided to take the day off…so we got lots of things done at the house and ready for the weekend:)

I forgot to mention that Allyson re-checked my weight and measurements on Thursday after workout.  She had measured me last camp around the same time and it looks like I have lost an inch or two…but gained 2 lbs according to her scale:(  I know that I have not been going great with my nutrition, but I was a little sad about it…but, I am not going to dwell…I will press on and start making plans for changes in my nutrition!

How is you goal going?  We are two months in…are you still working on it??  I want to hear:)

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 3

Camp Gladiator CAMP 2 - WEEK 3

I can’t believe it is already Week 3 of the second camp:)  Week 3 is HIIT week…which is High Intensity Interval Training…which messes with my head and makes me feel like I am not going to be able to do it!  But, I approached this week with trying to maintain a good attitude and just try harder than I did last camp:)

Camp Gladiator -Camp-2---Week-3-wheel-of-pain

Monday, we hit it hard with Kevin and Jessie:)  We showed up and there was this crazy contraption set up…some might call it the “torture wheel”, “wheel of death” or “wheel or pain”…either way…it looked a little scary to me!  We were in groups of 4 and we each did different exercises for 2 minutes and then we switched.  2 of us did high intensity and the other 2 were more resting exercises.  One set of rounds we did mat work and the other one we had to use the “wheel of pain”…we had to do a burpee in each section and then jump over the pole.  We had a really high step, so I ended up stepping over mine…and I am still working on my burpee form 🙁  We pushed through and finished our round.  We had to do them each twice.  The mat work included a weighted sit up where you touch your toes…and I was able to sit up people!!!  What??  I literally had to have Jessie come over and watch to show her how I was able to do it.  So exciting that those core muscles might be waking up in there 🙂

Tuesday,  we were inside again because it rained like CRAZY here!  We had a guest trainer who is an intern.  It is always a little difficult when it is a trainer that you don’t know very well, I always want to be welcoming…but it is hard when you have just begun to trust the trainers you have been working with:)  I was with my two friends Amanda and Kara and they are SUPER CG people!  They always do the exercises to the max and I am not even close to being able to do that…but they are always SO sweet and encouraging to me.  We had a few sets of 3 different exercises that we did together.  It was difficult, but good.

Wednesday, I skipped working out…oh no!  So, thankfully my Dad has been kind enough to watch my kiddos on Monday / Friday so I can go to camp.  On Tuesday / Thursday they are in school and that leaves Wednesday.  I have been paying a babysitter to watch my kiddos on Wednesday.  The third week is hard work and I thought I would try a day off in the middle to see how that made me feel for the rest of the week…and I could save a little money by not having to pay a sitter 🙂  It is weird because I feel like I am doing something wrong by not going 5 days…but it was an amazing day on Wednesday that I got SO much done at home.  We finished school early and then we tackled the house…and I ended up pushing through to clean our whole house…and got over 7500 steps:)  That means I either worked really hard or my house was TOO messy…ha!

Thursday, we were back outside for camp with Allyson.  It was a sunny day and beautiful outside.  I got there a little late and we needed to hook up with a buddy.  My buddy wasn’t able to come and most of my friends were already partnered up…so I got to partner with a new person.  Her name was Katy and she was really nice.  I always get a little nervous when I am with someone that I don’t know because I never want them to feel like I am holding them back from getting their full workout.  We had multiple rounds of doing 100 reps of exercises as buddies…like weighted squat presses.  So, I would do 10 and then she would do 10 and so on until we hit 100.  Then we had a choice between sand bell slams or fire hose slams…I prefer fire hose slams because they are way more fun.  After that we were suppose to take a lap and then start on the next exercise.  They were good exercises, but again with the numbers…plus a few burpees at the end (that I didn’t always do).  I really enjoy the weighted exercises…I just need to get my head around the traveling exercises…like running or sand bells or burpees, etc.

Friday, our awesome trainers Kevin and Jessie were in Austin with some of the new trainers that are launching soon.  We had a guest trainer named Justin.  He was very serious and I was a little worried after he pointed out some peoples form being wrong…but I had decided to push through on Friday no matter the circumstances.  We did a bunch of exercises that I had never done before and played a few games.  There were some that I couldn’t do and had to ask for “success options”, but overall it was a pretty fun workout.  And a good finish to a good 3rd week.

Lastly, CG launched an update on their app that shows the leaderboard for camps attended YTD, Yearly and Current Camp.  Surprisingly enough I was on the YTD list at 109!  Crazy!

I am learning that the battle to pushing through and getting better is mostly mental…and I need to work on believing I can do more and not being afraid.  So next week is the hardest week and I have already started to try and overcome those thoughts of “not being able to do it” or “not feeling strong enough”.  I pray that as these weeks go on I hope that my journey encourages you to push past some areas that you feel like you “can’t do” or are worried about looking silly!  What are you going to push through this week to be stronger??

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Camp 2 – Week 2

Camp Gladiator Camp 2 - Week 2

Camp 2 of Camp Gladiator started a little rough…my sweet P had been sick over the weekend and I woke up Monday with a sick stomach.  I decided it was probably better to miss Monday…and I felt really bad because there is a saying in Camp Gladiator…”Never Miss a Monday”.  I spent most of the day relaxing and hoping to be able to be at camp on Tuesday.

Tuesday I went to camp and still wasn’t feeling great.  I started the warm up and got about 10-15 minutes into the work out and was super thankful we were at a place where I could run to a bathroom:)  I missed a little of the explanation, but made it back.  We did a game with our teams and had A LOT of running…but I made it through.  And even though I didn’t feel well or complete the workout as well as I had hoped, I did it!  I think that is an accomplishment alone, because before if I didn’t feel great, I would have made an excuse to stay home.

Tuesday night we had promised our kiddos to take a family bike ride so that I could ride my new bike I got for Valentine’s Day!  My sweet hubby took me to pick out a bike and I just wanted a cute one that wasn’t super hard to ride.  We also happen to find one with a cute basket:)  We had a fun ride and a good time playing at the park.

Wednesday’s workout started out difficult, but in the end I feel like it was a breakthrough day for me.  We had a lot of different exercises to complete and at the end we did a “8 minute run”…which ended up being closer to 10-12 minutes (trainer time).  I admit that I approached the workout with a poor attitude and the run with an even poorer one.  We were doing the last station before the run and we had to lift a weight above our head and walk across the parking lot on our tip toes.  Karen (my buddy) and I were the last ones out there and there were only 40 lbs weights left…40 LBS!!  I was like, what??  Jessie came over and picked it up and handed it to me and said go…she helped walk with me and I shared with her how I couldn’t get past feeling so discouraged.  She asked me what I was feeling…and I said I was angry and she asked why?  I didn’t know exactly why, but mostly because I felt like I still couldn’t do very much.  She encouraged me to use the anger to fuel me to push through and the fact was that I was “doing it”!  Karen piped in and encouraged me as well and said that I was doing it right then!  We finished up and headed for our run and I was able to continue to run the entire time without stopping.  I ran slow…and I was last…but I did it!

Thursday was a better day, it was a beautiful day outside, it was weight day and we didn’t have to run…AT ALL!!!  Yay!!  The Lord just knew that I needed to not have to run:)  Kevin and Jessie got me 10 lb weights when I went BOLD and I did the entire workout with those instead of the 8 lbs:)  I even pushed myself at one exercise and borrowed my friend Erica’s 12 lbs!  And when Allyson gave us the traveling work..I didn’t even hate it…progress people!!

Camp Gladiator Camp 2 - Week 2 sat

Friday was a good day full of tough workouts!  There were a few that I had trouble with, but was able to make modifications to keep up…we got super sweaty though…which oddly makes me feel good now…like I am working hard.  The last station was dragging a fire hose…and I was partnered with my friend Amanda who is super fast…and I kept up with her for the most part.  It was definitely hard…but I felt pretty good about it:)

Lastly, we decided to try Saturday because we had both missed a day…so we wanted to get our 5th day in:)  I was nervous about bringing our kiddos with us, but we decided to try.  Thankfully our friends Karen and her husband Allan, Amanda and her husband Micha and their kids were there as well.  There were A LOT of people there on Saturday and most of the trainers were there too.  It was fun even though we had to run:)  And…wait for it…I was able to do some weighted sit ups…all the way up:)  It might have been on a slight down hill to help…but, hey…I am counting it!

Whew…another week down!  Next week is HIIT week…it brings fear to me…High Intensity anything stresses me a little…but, I am praying for better results than last camp and a good attitude!!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me…I am thankful for all your support!!

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 20 – I DID IT!

Camp Gladiator - Day 20 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Well, it is here Day 20 of my first Camp Gladiator Camp!  When I made the goal to attend all 5 days of Camp Gladiator for 4 weeks I didn’t think about the fact that the last weekend would land with my nephews first birthday and my daughters birthday.  It is a big weekend and we were leaving for Austin on day 20…so I had a choice:

  • Do a double camp in a day – during week 4…NO WAY!
  • Not go to camp – Not happening since I told all of you readers that I would do it!
  • Attend camp in Austin – I could, but wanted to help my sister with whatever she needed.
  • Get up at 4:20AM to attend camp at 5:00AM – I do not love getting up early…but its the best option!

My sweet hubby was sweet and let me go to my 20th camp instead of him:)  I set my alarm for 4:20AM…and unfortunately didn’t sleep very well because I was worried I wouldn’t get up in time 🙂  I got up and headed towards Allyson’s camp…my sweet friend Amanda was so awesome to get up and come to early camp with me!!  I was hurting more than usual and not quite into it as much as usual…and to be honest…if I hadn’t told all of you about my goals, I might have skipped.  But, I did it!

We did some fun warm ups that was like musical chairs…and thankfully I didn’t lose so I didn’t have to do any extra burpees:)  Our main exercise was 5 different exercises we did for 1 minute each…5 times.  They were all combination moves that were a little more difficult for me to do.  But, I think I was just tired.  It seems that Fridays have been some of my harder workouts, which I think might be my body just getting tired from the week of work.

Even though I didn’t finish Day 20 working out at 100%, I finished it!  For me, it is such a huge accomplishment that I can’t believe I actually finished!!  In my life, I feel like there are SO many times that I start something and fail to finish.  I am so excited that I actually did what I said I would!  Now…I am going to rest this weekend…and attend 2-3 workouts next week (rest week)…and get ready for my 2nd camp that starts on Feb 8th!  Who is going to come with me??  I would love to share my 2nd Camp Gladiator experience with you:)  You too can try out Camp Gladiator for a special price of $69!!  Visit here to read more about the promo or send me an email at

How are your goals coming?  What are you going to change for February?  For me…February is about adding in nutrition…whew…another big obstacle for me!

If you want to catch up on all my first camp, then visit here🙂

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 19

Camp Gladiator - Day 19 - Not So Crunchy Mom After Fight Gone Bad on Day 18 of Camp Gladiator, I was SUPER tired and sore.  It was a different kind of sore, my knees and body just hurt:(  I think it was a combination of FBG being tough and my body just being mad at me for 4 weeks of a LOT of exercise that it had never been use to before!  I have to admit, week 4 has been the hardest week to finish out all 5 days…but I had made the commitment and I was determined to complete it.

Day 19 of Camp Gladiator was with Allyson and it was a beautiful and pretty warm day outside.  We started off with a lot of jogging…which as I might have mentioned is not my favorite part YET:)  We got to partner up and I was with a friend from my church named Erica.  We ran opposite directions and met up in the middle and would do a warm up exercise like squats, mountain climbers or high knees.  The beginning (warm up) is usually the hardest for me…I think just getting my body moving and ready to start takes a little extra motivation.  After those, we did some different groups of exercises with weights:  weighted squats, bicep curls and presses.  We would do them for 60 seconds and then go do a traveling exercise like broad jumps for 60 seconds.  Then we did the same thing for 50 seconds, 40 seconds, 30 seconds and 20 seconds.  Last we would do a 2 minute push of each exercise.

We did another round similar to that, but on the mat:  chest fly, skull crusher and weighted sit up (I think) and added another travel.  The last round included the dead lift and another travel:)  My knees were really sore today, so I had to modify most of the travels.  But, the great part is that each trainer that I have met is ALWAYS so helpful and willing to find a better option for you.  I know that I have mentioned it before, but one reason that I like CG so much is that if you are hating the exercise…there is a pretty good chance it is going to change in 1-3 minutes:)  Our last exercise was a core push…and we did 1-2 minutes of three different exercises.  I know it sounds silly, but I really enjoy doing core exercises.  I cannot do them very well, but it makes me really excited that someday I might actually have a little bit of strength in my core:)

We finished Day 19 and my sweet friends Amanda, Kara, Michelle and Erica were so encouraging!!  Just one more day to meet my first goal of completing 4 weeks of 5 days a week…20 total:)

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My Camp Gladiator Experience – Day 18

Camp Gladiator - Day 18 - Not So Crunchy Mom

Day 18 of Camp Gladiator…and 1st FIGHT GONE BAD!!  I was pretty nervous about it, but prayed a lot and tried to keep my mind positive.  Fight Gone Bad (FGB) is a fitness test to measure where you are at and see how you get better each month:)  I do love results and to see improvement…so I was going to go into it with the goal of doing my best.

We did a warm up and then we did a couple of quick high intensity exercises to get us warmed up and ready for FBG.  Then we started…we had 5 exercises that we did for 1 minute each and no break in between the 5 rounds.  You get a 1 minute break between rounds and you do 5 rounds.  So…it is basically 25 minutes of intense working with very little rest.  The 5 exercises we did today were:  Push Press, Shuffle, Box Jump, Burpees and Squats.  All of them are weighted except for the box jumps (steps) and the shuffles.

I used my 8lb weights and did modified burpees…and thankfully when i arrived at camp Kevin (trainer) had brought a smaller step for us to use:)  That made me feel SO much better…because even though it was hard…it didn’t seem impossible like the HUGE boxes that some of the other groups were using.  It was also fun because we had a group of 5 people that were around the same level to walk through the exercise with us.

The timer went off and we started!  I did okay for the first exercise…then the dreaded shuffle (have I mentioned that they aren’t my favorite), then box jumps, burpees (again…not my favorite) and then squats.  The hardest part was catching my breath and getting my number written down quickly and move on to the next exercise.  During the rounds…lets just say I did great on the first exercise of the round…and then it would decrease from there…but I completed all except one exercise that I skipped.  Jessie and Kevin were awesome and super encouraging…Jessie was helping me with my form or modifications and Kevin encouraged me to work on taking bigger and longer breaths.  When we started I honestly didn’t know if I would get through it….but I did…WE DID!!

I take a few things away from my first Fight Gone Bad:

  1. Who knew a minute could last an ETERNITY!!
  2. I need to work on my breathing
  3. I can push myself harder than I let myself
  4. Thankful for my CG family and team to be so encouraging (my FGB team is pictured above)
  5. We all have to start somewhere on a journey…and this is a beginning for me:)  I can’t wait to see what next month’s numbers are:)

CG - FGB 1st Camp Results

So after we do all of it, we add up all the numbers and get a total.  Then we have to show Kevin or Jessie and they give us feedback.  My number was….316!  That means in 30 minutes I did 316 reps of exercises…what??  Crazy to think about…and as my friend Karen said, it is like John 3:16:  For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.  Kinda funny, but I am taking it as a little love note from Jesus saying He was with me during my FBG journey:)

Since I had already included pics of Jessie and Allyson, i thought I should include Kevin.  He and Jessie have been so kind and helpful to my husband Kevin and me:)  We are so thankful for them both!

Camp Gladiator - Trainer Kevin Richardson

Thank you so much for all the texts and messages from you about today.  I am feeling it tonight and my knees are hurting pretty bad…but I feel good about finishing it today!


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