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I am excited that you have decided to order your oils start your oily journey!  More importantly, I am honored that you have decided to choose the Not So Crunchy Mom Team.  My team is here to help you start your journey and learn more about using your resources.  We want to help you know which oils and products will best help your need and provide that help for you.  Our team also has monthly webinars and classes that are so helpful in learning more about your journey.

How to Join:

  1. You can use this link:  https://www.youngliving.com/signup/?site=US&sponsorid=1461093&enrollerid=1461093
  2. Be sure that my number 1461093 is in the sponsor and enroller space (* see note below)
  3. Enter your information
  4. Choose your Starter kit:  Premium Starter Kit (oils), Premium Starter Kit with Thieves, Premium Starter Kit with NingXia
  5. Choose “No Thank You” for ER (if you want to sign up, it is best to do it in the virtual office)
  6. Click next to go to the virtual office and enter your payment information
  7. You are welcome to add additional oils (unless signing up for ER)
  8. Confirm all information and submit your order

* If you signing up with someone on the Not So Crunchy Mom team, you can enter their number of I will make sure that you are moved to their team!  

Not So Crunchy Mom Order My Oils





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