When I began my oily journey, I felt like there was such a HUGE learning curve for me as a “SUPER” not so crunchy mom at the time (meaning I didn’t know ANYTHING about natural medicine/health).  It was difficult to figure out what the best resources were and what to start with…I hope that I can help by saving you some time by providing a list of resources that you can use on your journey!  Enjoy!  (and feel free to send me any recommendations that you might have to add to the list!)

When you First Begin, here are a few resources that I would recommend:

  • The Guide:  This is a great resource that gives a pretty quick overview for you to begin your oily journey.
  • Join the EDOM facebook page
  • Sign up for the 24 days of emails to start your Oily Journey: 
  • Pocket Reference Guide (Book):  This is a MUST!!  It is basically your encyclopedia to your oils.  It has a huge amount of information on every oil and blend from Young Living.
  • Carrying Case for Home (Product):  Many people asked me about what I carry my oils in 🙂  In the beginning when you have 10 or 12 it isn’t that big of deal, but when you get to 20-30, it really needs to be organized to enjoy them!  This is a case that I have been using and really like it.  I like it because you can easily see the oils, carrying them around the house and can bring them with you if you need to on a trip or something.  If I am just out and about, I don’t bring this big case though…more resources on that later!
  • Oil Bottle Labels (product):  I don’t know if you are like me, but I like things that look pretty!  And the YL bottles are just that…but, the tops need a little color and organization…that is why you need these labels!
  • Containers to use to make health, body and household recipes (website):  I have ordered some items on Amazon, but a great resource is also Abundant Health here are a few items that we have used: small sample bottles,small glass jars, glass bottle with trigger spray, small spray bottles, lip balm containers
  • Diffuser Options:  Young Living has great diffusers, but if you are looking to fill your whole house, there are a few other options that we have used as well.  A good option is the GreenAir Spa Vapor Pro, it has a light, lasts all night and has held up pretty well for our family.


 If you are interested in building your oils business:

  • The Four Year Career (Young Living Addition) by Richard Brooke (book):  This is a great resource to understand how the so-called “dreaded” MLM or network marketing business is not bad AT all!  It gives you new belief in joining such an awesome company like Young Living and how you can share with others and grow your business.  The Young Living version also has great testimonials from those that have gone through the journey themselves!
  • Making the First Circle Work by Randy Gage (book):  I have just begun this book, but it is a great resource to learn how to build a great “team” or to not complain about how your team is shaping up because it all comes down to one thing…YOU!  It is inspiring to be a good example and to be generous and build into others.  I can’t wait to finish it!
  • The ABC’s of Building a Young Living Organization by Karen Hopkins (book):  This book is written by Karen Hopkins and she shares how she built her business based on biblical principles to become a Platinum (or even higher rank).  I have this one too…and can’t wait to read it!

I hope you enjoy the resources!  As always, I am here to help you with your journey to better health.  Please let me know if there is anything that I can do to help

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