Why Young Living?


If you start looking too hard, you will find A LOT of information on why or why not you should use Young Living Essential Oils.  For me, the decision was pretty simple, a friend that I trusted introduced me to them and I did a little research and was convinced that they were the best choice.  After using them seriously for over a year and doing MUCH more research, I am confident that Young Living is the best choice for my family.

Why Young Living?  Here are the top 5 few reasons that stuck out to me!

  1. The 5 Step Seed to Seal promise!  Basically they scrutinize every step from Seed, Cultivate, Distill, Test and Seal…to view full videos and more on each steps at www.seedtoseal.com
  2. They own all their own farms and are super picky about how the land was used…they are also open to anyone that would like to come and visit
  3. They are the leader in the industry with over 20 years of experience.
  4. Over 120 Singles and Blends of Oils and still growing
  5. No expiration date and ONLY oils I feel safe for my family to ingest!

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